Adele blasts fan at Las Vegas show for shouting ‘Pride sucks’ during Pride Month 

Singer-songwriter Adele has reprimanded fans after a member of the audience reportedly yelled “Pride sucks” between songs during her concert this weekend. In a short clip The video, posted by another concert-goer, sees Adele pick up a handheld microphone and respond to the negative comments. “You came to my shitty show and told me Pride […]

Paul Sewald blasts Mets fans after ugly shouting match

Paul Sewald thought his grudge against Mets fans was over. But they once again aroused his wrath. The Diamondbacks relief pitcher, who spent the first four years of his career with the Mets, got into an ugly altercation with a fan after Saturday’s 10-5 win over New York at Citi Field. Paul Sewald spent the […]

Protesters Assault Man In Storm Trooper Costume For Shouting About Star Wars At Columbia

Protesters at Columbia University assaulted actor and comedian Walter Masterson while he shouted about Star Wars in a storm trooper costume. The comedian showed up in front of a crowd holding Israeli flags wearing the storm trooper helmet and holding up a sign that read, “The Empire Did Nothing Wrong.” Protesters present at the demonstration […]

Trump Rallies NYC Union Workers Shouting ‘We Love Trump … USA’ 

Former President Donald Trump made a surprise appearance at a New York City construction site early Thursday to rally union members ahead of his court appearance. “We love Trump,” the workers shouted. “united states of america!” President Trump loves New York! 🇺🇸 — Jason Miller (@JasonMillerinDC) April 25, 2024 Good morning from New York! […]

Antisemitic agitators: What protesters at elite US universities are shouting

After anti-Israel agitators successfully staged a multi-day “encampment” at Columbia University in New York City, students at other elite schools across the country began their own marches and sit-ins. While some Democrats have sought to describe these protests as “mostly peaceful,” the participants have been accused of hateful, anti-Semitic protests calling for the death of […]

Comer, Raskin get into shouting match: ‘Somebody needs therapy here’ 

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) engaged in a heated exchange of insults during a Congressional hearing Wednesday. The two top members of the House Oversight Committee yelled at each other for more than five minutes during a hearing on the Chinese Communist Party on Wednesday. The two men posed questions to […]