Far-Left, Pro-Democrat Facebook Pages Go All In on Taylor Swift NFL Takeover

Two of Facebook’s biggest pro-Democrat pages, “The Other 98%” and “Occupy Democrats,” mock the right-wing, left-wing pop sensation Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, who bonded over the Super Bowl. is a geyser of self-righteous memes praising Chiefs star Travis Kelce. They are now the center of the NFL world.

The left-handed meme has followed several paths. One is to attack the “patriarchy” for hating Swift because she is a “powerful woman.” Related to this is the left-wing charge that “red” states are being “blackmailed” by Swift.

A Jan. 29 post from a far-left Facebook group called “The Other 98%” is a great example of a left-wing meme attacking men with a Swift/NFL theme.

An extremist Facebook page called “Occupy Democrats” attacked the league’s evil red-state male fans and the NFL itself as “misogynistic bastards” who criticized Swift.

Facebook’s Being Relationship also attacked people for criticizing Swift.

Hit songs keep coming.

The second theme their memes address is that in 2016, when black players knelt during the national anthem to protest police, these same conservatives vowed to stop watching the NFL. Yet evil conservatives are attacking Swift for taking over the NFL. , the military, the flag, our history, white people, and America.

The second attack is seen in “The Other 98%” on January 29th and “Occupy Democrats” on January 22nd.

Occupy Democrats also used Taylor Swift to attack Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Far-left Facebook accounts are all obsessed with Swift and her passing interest in the NFL.

Speaking of the NFL, The Other 98% is also using the Super Bowl to push support for economically destructive unionism.

Needless to say, the far left is totally on board with Taylor Swift’s brief fascination with the NFL.

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