Don’t fall for that ‘look who died’ Facebook message trap

Whenever we learn that someone has died, whether it’s a celebrity or someone we know personally, there’s always a curiosity about exactly how they died after the shock. It’s natural to want to click on an article with the headline that someone has died, and scammers know it. Click to get the FREE Cyberguy Newsletter […]

Facebook Workers Are Inventing Tasks to Seem Busy as Zuckerberg Keeps Cutting Staff

With Facebook’s recent job cuts leaving its remaining staff reportedly in a state of turmoil and anxiety, it’s feared falling prey to Mark Zuckerberg’s dreaded “Year of Efficiency” that it’s time to take care of yourself. Some people even try to make their work look busy, or even avoid it altogether. business insider report Recent […]

Foolproof steps to help protect your Facebook account from hackers

There are two types of Facebook accounts. one that has already been hacked. Others are unprotected Facebook accounts that have not yet been hacked. Making a few simple tweaks to make your Facebook account more secure couldn’t be more important. This is especially important if you rely on social media to run your business. Click […]

Employee Tension Grows at Facebook, Google, Amazon

Layoffs, mandates to return to the office and other concerns have fueled frustration and anxiety among tech workers at Amazon, Facebook and Google, fueling tensions. Unrest is so high at Amazon that employees are reportedly planning a strike. of washington post report Staffing cuts, mandatory return-to-work schedules and other issues have increased tensions among tech […]

Facebook owner Meta sells Giphy and takes plus $260M loss after UK antitrust order

David Dietze, Managing Principal of PeaPak Private Wealth Management, provides insight into how investors position their portfolios in terms of ‘making money’. Facebook parent company Meta plans to sell GIF sharing search engine Giphy for a loss of more than $260 million after US antitrust regulators attempted to sell the company by the social media […]

EU Fines Facebook Record €1.2bn for Mishandling User Data

Facebook owner Mehta was fined a record 1.2 billion euros by EU regulators on Monday for big tech companies transferring European data to the US “systematically, repeatedly and continuously.” was denounced as Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Inc. faces the “highest-ever” fine for failing to comply with an October court order to stop the Silicon Valley giant […]

Mom watched son plead for help on Facebook Live before he died in fire

Before he died in a construction site fire in North Carolina, a father of four asked for help on Facebook Live after a horrified mother watched his son’s death online. Demonte Sherrill, 30, was one of two people killed in a massive fire that destroyed an apartment building in the upscale South Park neighborhood of […]

Facebook hit with record $1.3B fine in European privacy case

Facebook parent company Meta was fined a record $1.3 billion by the European Union on Monday, demanding the social media giant stop transferring user data to the United States. The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has found that Meta has committed a “very serious” breach with respect to “systematic, repeated and continuous” transfers, EDPB Chairman […]