FBI informant accused of lying about Biden bribery allegation rearrested

The FBI informant accused by special counsel David Weiss of fabricating a $10 million bribery scandal against President Biden and his eldest son Hunter was released Thursday, two days after his release, in what his lawyers called “bizarre circumstances.” was arrested again.

Alexander Smirnov, 43, was taken into custody at the downtown Las Vegas law firm of attorneys David Chesnov and Richard Schoenfeld, who were consulting on his case. court documents show.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Daniel Albregutz on Tuesday granted Smirnov’s motion for pretrial release under various conditions, halting the Justice Department’s efforts to keep Smirnov, a dual U.S.-Israel citizen, in custody. denied.

The government filed a motion to reopen Smirnov’s detention hearing in the Central District of California, and a federal grand jury indicted him earlier this month on charges of making false statements and creating false and fictitious records.

Mr. Smilinov was released on Tuesday and rearrested on Thursday. AP
Weiss charged Smilinov with two felonies related to bribery charges against the Bidens. AP

“Despite Judge Albreguts’ prior ruling, denial of the stay request, and prior release of Mr. Smirnov from custody, on the morning of February 22, 2024, Mr. Smirnov was arrested for the second time on the same charges and on the same basis. “While in the law office of the undersigned attorney for the prosecution… to meet with counsel,” his attorney wrote in a motion for an emergency detention hearing in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada.

“A further noteworthy fact is that [Smirnov] “His attendance at a legal consultation session at a lawyer’s office is inconsistent with the idea that he is a flight risk,” they added.

Mr. Chesnoff and Mr. Schoenfeld argued that rearrest would violate their client’s Sixth Amendment rights.

“There is no provision in this district for Mr. Smirnov to be rearrested after being ordered released,” the lawyers wrote, noting that a new arrest warrant had been issued by the Central District of California.

Citing the “bizarre circumstances” of his rearrest, Smirnov’s motion asks a Nevada court to suspend his “second initial appearance” and release him “without unnecessary delay.” .

Alternatively, his lawyers could hold an “emergency hearing” before the chief judge of a Nevada court, asking that the U.S. Marshals Service detain Smilinov in Nevada pending another detention hearing.

Smirnov was first arrested on February 14 when he arrived on a flight from overseas to Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.

The two felony charges against him are related to alleged false statements the FBI documented on a June 2020 FD-1023 form that House Republicans fought for access to view last year.

An informant told the FBI that he was informed by a Burisma executive that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden had received $10 million in bribes, but special counsel David Weiss said the claim was fabricated. claims. AP

Weiss said the corruption accusations against the Bidens were false, given the fact that they were not working with Ukrainian energy giant Burisma at the time that Smirnov claimed to have spoken to a key person at the company who told him about the bribes. It is claimed that there is.

The indictment also accuses Mr. Smirnov of being biased against the 81-year-old president, and federal prosecutors said Tuesday that a former FBI informant had said that “after a meeting with Russian intelligence officials in November, “They are actively spreading new lies that could affect the U.S. election.”



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