First 6 Jurors Selected in Trump Hush Money Trial

On Tuesday afternoon, the first six jurors in former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial were narrowed down from 96 potential jurors.

More than 50 people were turned away on Monday. Said They couldn’t be fair.

However, at least several potential jurors who were not dismissed Monday and remained as potential jurors until Tuesday had made social media posts negative about Trump.

For example, one potential juror posted or reposted on social media, “I predict Republicans will win 70 seats in prison.” She also said she couldn’t sleep the night before wondering whether the juror was fair or impartial. She was not one of the six jurors selected.

Another potential juror had just posted a parody video titled “I’m duck as f-ck” featuring an artificial intelligence-generated image of Trump on March 27. That potential juror was also not selected.

Another potential juror admitted selling the buttons to raise money for a political action committee that supports get-out-the-vote efforts for “grassroots organizations,” but the PAC does not support any particular political party. said.

However, when asked if he had a critical view of Trump, he answered, “Politically yes.” He wasn’t chosen.

Another potential juror posted on social media: Trump loses legal battle over illegal travel ban! ! ! ” and “Let him out and lock him up.” That jury was not selected.

he was there He is described as a middle-aged white man with thin hair and thick black-rimmed glasses. Asked if he still believed Trump should be detained, he said “no.”

A pool report from inside the courtroom said Trump turned toward him, grinning.

It’s unclear why potential jurors didn’t raise their hands Monday when asked if they thought it wasn’t fair.

A woman with straight, shoulder-length gray hair and dark glasses was asked about a critical social media post of Trump, and said the post was “probably” hers, but she didn’t remember. .

Former Bush Assistant Attorney General John Yoo told Fox News that it was “highly unusual” for him to say that half of the jury was too biased against Trump to serve on the jury. Told.

“I think it only furthers Donald Trump’s argument that courts and prosecutors are biased and unfair and that their public integrity should be questioned,” he said.

according to ReutersThe six jurors selected included a man from Ireland who likes to do “anything outdoors” and watches both MSNBC and Fox News, a man from Ireland who works as an oncology nurse and takes his dog to the park. He said that includes women he likes to take with him, as well as corporate lawyers. I don’t follow the news that closely.

An additional 96 potential jurors were called Tuesday.

Six more jurors and six alternates will be selected in the coming days.

The case is new york vs trump, New York County Supreme Court No. 71543-23.

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