Florida Woman Jumps Off Pier to Avoid Arrest for Public Sex

A Florida woman jumped into the ocean to escape police after being caught having sex in broad daylight on a Naples pier, authorities said.

Naples Police Department Reports The two were caught engaging in indecent conduct behind a locked gate on the pier around 4:30 p.m. on Memorial Day. New York Post report.

According to the outlet, Alicia Lazo, 20, and Zadok Westfield, 23, were “still in the act” when officers arrived on the scene.

Lazo allegedly ignored police commands and jumped off the end of the pier to escape, leaving his girlfriend naked.

Westfield stayed behind and told police he and Lazo went to the pier to jump in the water, but ended up causing a scene.

Lazo was arrested as soon as he reached shore.

Witnesses told police they were at the beach with their children when they noticed two naked people standing on the pier.

According to the police report, she said her “minor children were asking questions about what the suspects were doing.”

Both Razo and Westfield were charged with trespassing and disturbing the peace, with Razo facing an additional charge of resisting arrest without violence.

The couple was released on bail the same day.