UNC Board of Governors votes to repeal DEI mandates for North Carolina public universities

The University of North Carolina System Board of Governors on Thursday voted in favor of a new policy that would eliminate previous diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) mandates for the state’s public universities. After the vote, about 50 students and other demonstrators gathered outside the UNC System offices in Raleigh, and at least two protesters […]

Jill Biden SCARED Trump will end public education; ban pornographic books from schools

While President Joe Biden is having almost as much trouble putting together a coherent sentence in the polls, Jill Biden is trying to make her husband look more favorable. The first lady argued Saturday that the future of public education in America hinges on whether the president is re-elected, telling the crowd, “Donald Trump doesn’t […]

Parents in red-leaning suburbs outside NYC green-lighting armed security at public schools

Farmingdale, New York – Roughly two dozen school districts in New York City’s reddish suburbs, preferring a show of force to further restricting Second Amendment rights in the Empire State, have deployed armed guards to protect children. Approved the dispatch. One such school district is the Farmingdale School District in eastern Nassau County, which serves […]

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Trump’s Sham Trial Shouldn’t Be Hidden From The Public Eye

If you were flipping between CNN and Fox News following the cross-examination of Stormy Daniels in the New York criminal case against former President Donald Trump, you would have had the impression that the CNN commentator, who professed to be reporting what happened in the courtroom, described a completely different event from what the Fox News reporter, who was […]