Former MLB Star EXPOSES Stephen A. Smith

The evidence against Stephen A. Smith continues to mount, this time from former Red Sox and Phillies pitcher Jonathan Papelbon.

“Stephen A. did a segment where he disrespected Mike Trout and said he gets injured too much and how could he get hurt in a sport like baseball where there’s not a lot of contact and stuff like that? And Jonathan Papelbon was like opening a can of Stephen A. Smith,” explains Jason Whitlock.

Papelbon then recounted the story on his show “Foul Territory,” which doesn’t bode well for Smith’s already shaky reputation.

“When I was in the clubhouse in Philadelphia, there was a traveling secretary named Frank the Tank,” Papelbon began, and said the conversation turned to Frank and Stephen A. Smith.

“I said, ‘So why doesn’t he come to the clubhouse anymore?’ And he said to me, ‘Oh, I had to kick him out of the clubhouse.’ Papelbon recalled.

“He also told me that he was doing all sorts of shady things going through the director’s office when he wasn’t there, going through the training room, retrieving reports and all sorts of other places he wasn’t supposed to be doing. ‘I never started,’ he continued.

“So for me, I’ve always looked at this guy like a complete joke, and actually a really shady guy. A real shady guy. Just like getting kicked out of a major league clubhouse. “It means I can never be a journalist again,” he added.

Jason Whitlock isn’t sure if he believes that, but he’s not going to ignore it either.

“When you start passing on gossip and things you’ve heard, it’s kind of risky and undermines the credibility of the accusations,” Whitlock said.

“I can’t see Stephen A. Smith rummaging through private documents inside a baseball locker room, but you never know,” he continues. “Stephen A. doesn’t have a lot of ethics. He’s motivated to write books and fictional stories about himself, so I think he could potentially do that.”

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