France Reveals Scratch-and-Sniff Stamp to Celebrate the Baguette

The French Post Office is offering scratch-and-sniff stamps that highlight the beautiful scent of this country’s beloved baguette.

The 1.96 euro stamp was unveiled on Thursday and its “bakery scent” comes from microcapsules contained in the ink, France 24 said. report on friday.

stamp image show Each one has a small baguette tied with a red, white and blue ribbon.

According to the BBC, the French Postal Service issued around 600,000 stamps. Created to celebrate baguette explained Something like a long, thin, hard piece of bread.

“The stamps went on sale on Friday, after being released on Thursday, Saint-Honore Day, the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs,” the BBC reported. “French baguettes will be added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2022.”

According to the Britannica website, tens of millions of pieces of bread are baked and consumed around the world every day, proving its popularity.

The history of baguettes is controversial, with few facts pointing to a single definitive origin. According to one theory, the invention of the baguette was attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, who, according to legend, ordered the bread to be made very thin and long so that it would fit snugly into special pockets on soldiers’ uniforms. is. Another unlikely explanation for the birth of the baguette is that it symbolized equality, unlike earlier breads that were reserved for the elite. After the French Revolution, the newly established government legislated “Equal Bread.”

Baguettes are made from relatively low-fat dough and can be baked in large quantities, making them affordable for everyone. For this reason, some believe that the baguette was invented in response to government demands for “bread of equality.”

But French baguettes aren’t without competition either, according to the BBC report In 2023, it referred to the bread known as ciabatta.

“In 1982, Italian rally car driver Arnaldo Cavallari decided to create a new form of bread. He was fed up with the popularity of French baguettes,” the media’s video report said. ing.

2021 is a French bakery Said Deutsche Welle (DW) added: “People buy baguettes from 7am to 9pm. For French people, baguettes are part of everyday life.”

The magazine said, “There, only bakeries that bake fresh bread every day are allowed to call themselves “boulangeries,” which may explain the high quality of baguettes across the country.” No,” he said.