Gayle King on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover: ‘I … thought I had been Punk’d’

“CBS Morning” co-host Gayle King reveals her shock when she was asked to pose for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s 60th anniversary issue, and at the time wondered if she was being pranked. he told the magazine.

“To be honest with God, I thought I had been ‘punked,'” said King, 69. Swimsuits told Sports Illustrated That was the moment she received a call from editor-in-chief MJ Day.

“Punk’d” was a prank reality show that first aired on MTV in 2003 and featured pranks on Hollywood celebrities.

“And when I called MJ again at Sports Illustrated, [Swimsuit], actually said, “Are you punking me?” That was my first reaction. I actually couldn’t believe it,” she added.

Dr. King was surprised for the second time on Tuesday, when she found out Her shoot was also used on the cover of the 60th anniversary issue of the magazine.

Fellow cover models Kate Upton and Hunter McGrady revealed the news in an interview on “CBS Morning” on Tuesday.

“Am I on the cover?” King responded as Upton showed her a copy of the magazine. “They said I was just on the inside.”

King was speechless and thanked photographer Yu Tsai for guiding her through the poses.

“I had never seen myself like this. I still don’t see myself that way,” King said. “But when I look at this…I look really good,” she said on “CBS Mornings.”

Dr. King traveled to Mexico for the shoot, where he said he was reminded of the importance of celebrating women of all ages.

“I think it’s important to celebrate women of all ages, all colors, all sizes. You know why? Because that’s who we are as women,” King told Sports Illustrated Swim. told Suits.

The reporter said he has no plans to slow down his day anytime soon.

“I look at these people and say, ‘Why? Are you slowing down? Success is loving what you do, how you do it, and who you are. And I just think, ‘Check, check, check,”’ King said. “As long as I still feel that way about my work, I have no intention of quitting.”

The 60th anniversary edition will be released on Friday.

King has been a co-host on “CBS Morning” for more than a decade. She co-hosted a CNN talk show with Charles Barkley for about six months, but she struggled to gain a foothold in the cable news ratings arena.

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