‘Phony Attempt’ to Cover Up ‘Far-Left’ Agenda

Republican senators denounced increased tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles announced by the Biden administration on Tuesday as an attempt by President Joe Biden to tighten environmental policies at the expense of U.S. automakers. Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), a strong advocate for American manufacturing, told Breitbart News in a statement: Joe Biden’s electric vehicle mandate has […]

Meet College Football 25 video game cover stars for first time with real players

Another big step towards the official release of EA Sports College Football 25. At the PlayStation Store, the game’s banner includes a deluxe edition cover.As an extra point writer Matt Brown reports, the cover features current players, each playing a different position in a different power conference. The tentative release date is July 19th, but […]

Race-based, higher ed funding formula advocates want state to cover student costs

(The Center Square) – A new, more “equitable” higher education funding formula being discussed at the Illinois statehouse would transfer student costs such as tuition to taxpayers. “Equitable funding formula for higher education” was the subject matter of a hearing in Springfield of the Illinois House Appropriation-Higher Education Committee. The proposed new formula for the […]

Desperate Media Cover Up DOJ Official Kristen Clarke’s Potential Perjury

Amid penalties for perjury in 2021, Kristen Clark, who heads the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, answered “no” to the U.S. senator’s next question. It turned out that she had been arrested and charged with a violent crime. During a domestic altercation with her then-husband in July 2006, Ms Clark attacked her husband with a […]

Catholics Protest ‘Blasphemous’ Rihanna Cover Photo as ‘Horny Nun’

Some Catholics in the United States are protesting a cover photo of Rihanna dressed as a sexy Catholic nun, which many believe is a “blasphemous” attack on devout sisters. American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) launched Signature campaign to protest Spring 2024 cover of interview Magazine and interview featuring Rihanna […]

Trump relishes in return to Time magazine cover and lays out second-term agenda

In an exclusive interview with Time magazine, former President Donald Trump laid out an ambitious plan for the White House should he win his reelection campaign against President Joe Biden. The Time cover, on which the former president has appeared more than 35 times, is a crown jewel for Trump, who has coveted the magazine […]

How David Pecker strong-armed Tiger Woods into Men’s Fitness cover

Tiger Woods was caught having sex with his mistress Mindy Lawton in an Escalade in 2007, years before his affair became public. But the solution to stopping this information from leaking came from a most unlikely source: David Pecker, head of the National Enquirer. On Thursday, on stage at Donald Trump’s hush-money trial, Mr. Pecker […]