‘General Hospital’ star Johnny Wactor’s co-worker slams ‘coward’ shooter as she held dying actor in her arms

Co-workers of “General Hospital” star Johnny Wactor embraced him as he lay dying and denounced the senseless “coward” who shot and killed the actor in downtown Los Angeles.

Anita Joy detailed the horrific tragedy, which happened at about 3am on Saturday as the pair were walking to their car after finishing their bartending shift.

Wachter, 37, died while trying to protect Joy from three armed robbers who shot him through the catalytic converter of his car.

Johnny Wactor’s colleague Anita Joy slammed the senseless “cowards” who shot and killed the actor. Anita Joy / Instagram

“I needed some time to collect myself and my thoughts,” Joy began her long story. Instagram Posts “I was with Johnny in his final moments and I’m here to be his voice after such an unthinkable event.”

“He was senselessly killed by a coward who reacted with no care about the amazing life he was taking. So I’m angry, sad and full circle of emotions… but more than anything, I’m here for justice for Johnny.”

Joy explained that she and Wachter, who had been her friend for eight years, were walking to their cars after finishing their bartending shifts when they noticed someone tampering with Wachter’s car.

“We cautiously approached the men and asked them what they were doing. At first we thought their car was being towed,” she wrote.

“We were not a threat. Johnny remained calm as always and just told them to leave as it was his car. He had open arms for peace.”

Anita Joy detailed the horrific tragedy, which happened after the pair had finished their bartending shift on Saturday. Anita Joy / Instagram

Joy said the actor stood between him and the man who killed him.

“I heard the gunshots ring out into the night and he tumbled forcefully back into my arms,” ​​she continued. “I yelled out, ‘Are you OK?’ as I tried to grab him, but he just replied, ‘No! I’ve been shot!’ We collapsed to the street and I got under his legs to try and support him while I screamed for help and for him to stay with me.”

Security at the bar called 911 and responded, performing CPR on Wachter while waiting for emergency responders to arrive.

Wachter, 37, died while trying to protect Joy from three armed robbers who shot him through the catalytic converter of his car. Anita Joy / Instagram

Joy said she and a security guard named Brian “wrapped denim jackets around” Wachter’s body to stop the bleeding.

“It was too close and the injuries were too severe for him to survive, but he fought to survive,” she wrote. “I am completely heartbroken and so angry.”

“My only comfort is knowing that I am with him and this did not happen to him alone, and my only comfort is seeing these horrible men brought to justice,” she added.

“He’s definitely one of the best guys I’ve ever known,” Joy said of Wachter. Anita Joy / Instagram

Joy later praised Wachter, praising his “integrity of character.”

“His energy was magnetic and he drew people in effortlessly. I felt at ease when I was with him,” she wrote.

“He treated everyone with love, respect and compassion and really ‘got’ people. He was a beautiful, very goofy person with a great work ethic and values.”

Joy and Wachter had been friends for eight years. Anita Joy / Instagram

“I hope that the sound of him saying that every time I see him will never fade from my memory,” she continued, before adding, “One look into his big blue eyes, followed by a goofy smile, Johnny makes you instantly like him. He’s hands down one of the best men I’ve ever known.”

“I am so grateful to have been a part of his world and he was a part of mine. My heart is broken losing him but I believe I have the best guardian angel ever. I love you Johnny Wacky,” Joy added.