Gina Raimondo says ‘we’ve out-innovated China’ amid chips war

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo on Sunday touted the U.S. industry’s progress in semiconductor manufacturing, declaring that the United States has “innovated” China as the two countries fight to advance domestic technology manufacturing.

Semiconductor manufacturing is a major domestic policy priority for President Biden, with Raimondo leading the charge. During his reelection campaign, Biden has repeatedly touted the CHIPS Act, which invests billions of dollars in domestic semiconductor manufacturing, as both an economic and national security victory.

“If you think about national security today in 2024, it’s not just tanks and missiles. It’s technology. It’s semiconductors. It’s AI. It’s drones. And the Department of Commerce is the leading center of technology. ,” Raimondo said on CBS. “60 Minutes” interview Sunday with Leslie Stahl.

He warned that relying on China for semiconductor manufacturing is putting critical American industries at risk, and noted that the administration is making progress toward bringing manufacturing to the United States.

“We want to trade with China for most goods and services. But when it comes to technology that affects national security, no,” she said. “They’re also moving into nuclear weapons and surveillance systems. And we know they want these chips and our sophisticated technology to improve their military capabilities.”

Raimondo boasted that the best semiconductors that industry giant Huawei currently makes in China lag far behind the best in the United States.

“What that tells me is that the export controls are working because the chips aren’t that good,” she said of the China example. “We are years behind the United States.”

“We have the most sophisticated semiconductors in the world. China does not,” she continued. We have surpassed China. ”

Most semiconductor production takes place in Taiwan, which is constantly under threat of Chinese invasion. Raimondo said the situation has left the United States “vulnerable.”

The Biden administration has announced dozens of policies. billion dollar investment For new semiconductor manufacturing plants in places like Arizona, Texas and New York. Raimondo predicted that the investment could create as many as 500,000 jobs by 2030.

“We left the manufacturing industry in this country to wither in search of cheap labor in Asia, cheap capital in Asia, and now we’re here,” she said. “We simply pursued profit over national security.”

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