‘Golden Bachelor’ star Theresa Nist wears wedding ring after announcing divorce from Gerry Turner: PHOTOS

Hours after Golden Bachelor stars Jerry Turner and Teresa Nist announced their divorce on Good Morning America, Nist, 70, was spotted wearing a wedding ring.

In a photo obtained by Fox News Digital, Nist was seen leaving work in New Jersey on April 12. Her hands were full with various bags, but one thing that stood out was her engagement ring.

According to People, the ring was designed by famed jeweler Neil Lane and features a princess-cut diamond surrounded by two baguette-cut diamonds, and 128 small round diamonds framing the design. It is said that there is.

The total weight is 3.15 carats, and its value is estimated at approximately $40,000.

‘The Golden Bachelor’ Jerry Turner and Teresa Nist divorce three months after their televised wedding

Even though “Golden Bachelor” Jerry Turner filed for divorce, Teresa Nist appeared in court wearing her wedding ring. (mega)

According to US Weekly, Turner filed for divorce from his wife of three months on April 12 in his hometown of Petersburg, Indiana, citing “irreconcilable differences.” His filing came hours after the couple’s “GMA” announcement.

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“Teresa and I have had many heart-to-heart conversations,” he said. “We took a hard look at our living situations and came to the conclusion that it was time to dissolve our marriage. What struck me most about our conversation was how committed we both were. So I think we look at this situation and feel that it’s best for our mutual happiness to live apart.

Teresa Nist walking

Nist’s engagement ring is reportedly worth about $40,000. (mega)

“I still love this person. There’s no doubt in my mind. I’m rooting for her every day.”

Nist added, “We have received so much love and support from so many people who have watched ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ and how many people have expressed their gratitude to us for this film. “I don’t know if you told me it gave you great hope. We’re not hoping for anything,” he added. That changes for everyone. ”

Jerry Turner and Teresa Nist "golden bachelor"

Turner and Nist announced their separation during an appearance on Good Morning America. (John Fleener/Disney)

Later the same day, former reality TV contestants Susan Knowles and Kathy Swartz broke their silence about the former couple’s divorce announcement, saying, “My heart breaks for them.”

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“we I just saw it on TV. My heart truly hurts when I think of them. It’s sad, is not it. “It’s tragic,” Swartz said in the video, “Everyone, please be kind. These are our friends. Love didn’t work out, but they are great people, so My heart feels like it’s going to break when I think about him.”

Knowles and Swartz He spoke to Fox News Digital at the iHeartRadio Music Awards earlier this month about the challenges the couple faced.

One of the major issues that former contestants said their husbands and wives are “working on” is: live in different states 3 months since we got married.

Kathy Swartz and Susan Knowles at the iHeartRadio Music Awards

Swartz and Knowles told Fox News Digital that it was a challenge for them that Turner and Nist did not live together. (Jeff Kravitz/Film Magic)

“I think it’s hard to put two families with children and grandchildren together. It’s hard to just pick up and move from one location without turning it into a duplex. It’s hard. situation,” Swartz told FOX News Digital.


Fox News Digital’s Lori A Bashian and Emily Trainham contributed to this report.