‘Goodfellas’ Slapped with Fascist ‘Cultural Stereotypes’ Trigger Warning

Fascist AMC slams Martin Scorsese’s 1990 masterpiece goodfellas Raises warning against ‘cultural stereotypes’.

“This film contains linguistic and cultural stereotypes that are inconsistent with today’s standards of inclusivity and tolerance.” read“May be offensive to some viewers.”

To the simple-minded, this may seem harmless, but it is not. What we have here is a fascist multinational corporation telling us how to interpret and react to works of art. That’s not how art should work. This is no different than a museum with a sign interpreting the Mona Lisa’s smiling face.

These have also been used to trigger warnings and break classic content such as: Gone with the windalso removes the best part of watching these movies, wrestling with the morality of what you’ve witnessed.

What I want to say is this…

One of the many wonderful aspects goodfellas That’s how we become accomplices. When Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) takes us on an outsider’s tour of mafia life, we are dazzled and intrigued. These guys are cool. These guys are having a blast. These people waste away in their cubicles and barely pay their monthly bills. they say what they want to say. they do what they want. They laugh, drink, play cards…what a life!

what makes it so goodfellas What happens next when everything falls apart is moral, and we see that they are not runaways who ignore the rules, but ruthless gangsters with no sense of loyalty or friendship.

Watching goodfellas The film forces us to accept our complicity and teaches us an important lesson: as the bodies pile up, our complicity blows up in our faces. Henry Hill was so taken in by its charm that he lost his soul. You and I get sucked in, but we don’t lose our souls because we never leave the house.

If you were told in advance that this movie was racist…if you were warned in advance that they were the bad guys, you would 1) stand by them and 2) then be betrayed by their true personalities. You will miss that lesson.

The whole idea of ​​trigger warnings is fascist, anti-art, an insult to the viewer’s intelligence, and ultimately destructive. Because it’s through a cinematic moral dilemma. goodfellas I feel that we need to reflect on what we have just experienced. And through this emotional conflict and our attempts to understand it, we gain wisdom and maturity.

goodfellas I don’t mean to offend anyone. This is a fable and a teaching tool about how a life full of gangs and evil can lead to despair.

Thinking for someone else, these petty warnings cause, hinders our emotional growth. But maybe that’s the whole idea.

The left wants a country filled with helpless, emotionally stunted, immature babies. They are much easier to control than those of us who think for ourselves.

And yes, this type of trigger warning is very different from content warnings about sex, violence, and swearing. We do not judge content warnings. It’s our job, the viewers, to judge and judge trigger warnings, not the job of Hollywood fascists or hallowed elites.

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