Google Is Running ‘Insane Racist, Anti-Civilizational Programming,’ Search Is a ‘Problem’

Tesla CEO and X/Twitter owner Elon Musk said Google is running an “insane, racist and anti-civilization program” that is He said he was inadvertently exposed by the tech giant’s latest AI debacle. Musk went on to argue that Google search is just as big of an issue as the company’s new Gemini AI platform.

“I’m glad Google is making a big deal about AI image generation,” Musk said in a post on X/Twitter on Thursday. Because it’s obvious to the eye.”

Tesla’s CEO was reacting to the recent revelation that Google’s Gemini AI image generator creates politically correct but historically inaccurate images in response to user prompts.

After intense backlash, Google finally suspended its super-arousal chatbot Gemini, acknowledged that the tool produced “inaccurate” historical photos, and said its AI tools “missed the mark.” ” he added.

“The problem isn’t just Google Gemini, it’s Google Search,” Musk said, adding that author and New York Post columnist Douglas Murray said, “Google’s efforts to lecture us about diversity In response to sharing a quote that said,

Musk also slammed Gemini product leader Jack Kracik, who apologized on Wednesday for “inaccurate” AI images.

The billionaire shared a photo of an Burying it felt cathartic.”

“Then he called his mom and drank a whole case of soy milk. [binge]I saw Rachel Maddow,” Musk quipped.

“Of course I’m exaggerating, but the tragedy is that it’s the right direction,” the Tesla CEO added in a follow-up post.

“And I’m not bullying Rand,” Musk asserted. “This problem is a big part of why Google’s AI is so racist and sexist.”

On Thursday, Musk announced that he ran a Google search on his phone and found that “the top two choices are pro-censorship.”

“I typed a Google query on my phone and the top two choices were professional censorship!” he said.

In his post, Musk shared a screenshot of the words “why censorship matters” being typed into Google’s search engine, and the first two suggestions by a tech were “why censorship matters” and ” “Why censorship is important on social media.” Giant.

Breitbart News ran the same Google search as Musk and got the same results.

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