Google lays off workers as part of ‘pretty large-scale’ restructuring

Google is said to be laying off employees and moving some jobs overseas in what is described as a “fairly extensive” restructuring.

Ruth Porat, Google’s chief financial officer, announced in an email to employees that the company is creating “growth hubs” in India, Mexico and Ireland.

The unspecified number of layoffs will affect the company’s finance teams, including Treasury, Business Services and Revenue Cash Operations. According to Business Insider.

Google has laid off an unspecified number of employees and moved some positions overseas. Above is Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Getty Images

The outlet quoted a current employee as saying the changes were “pretty big” and that some roles were being transferred overseas, without providing further details.

The Post has reached out to Google for comment.

A company spokesperson told Business Insider that some employees will be affected by the layoffs, but declined to say how many people would be cut.

A small number of positions will be transferred to other U.S.-based offices or overseas locations, the representative said.

Google is currently expanding its presence in Bangalore, Mexico City, Dublin, and Atlanta.

“As we’ve said, we’re investing responsibly in the company’s biggest priorities and the important opportunities ahead,” a Google spokesperson told Business Insider.

“To best position our company for these opportunities, in late 2023 and into 2024, many of our teams will make changes to increase efficiency and work, remove layers, and improve product We have aligned our resources to our biggest priorities.”

The company is “simplifying our structure to reduce bureaucracy and hierarchy while increasing opportunities for employees to work on our most innovative and important advances and the company’s biggest priorities.” Stated.

Pichai warned earlier this year that further job cuts would begin in 2024. About 12,000 workers were laid off last year.
Pichai warned earlier this year that further job cuts would begin in 2024. About 12,000 workers were laid off last year. Reuters

Google CEO Sundar Pichai warned employees in January that further job cuts would be needed this year if the company was to meet its “ambitious goals.”

Pichai’s comments came just one day after the company cut hundreds of people from its advertising sales team.

A week before the layoffs, Google cut jobs in its Pixel, Fitbit, and Nest divisions.

The layoffs are a tough start to the year for Google, which has cut more than 12,000 employees through 2023.