Google unveils AI-assisted Gmail features

With the help of smart technology, the future is bright for Google.

After launching generated AI features on its popular search engine, Google has announced tech-savvy changes coming to its email service. Google I/O keynote speech on tuesday.

Gmail has Approximately 1.8 billion users Aparna Pappu, vice president of Google Workspace, says new tools powered by artificial intelligence, such as email summaries and reply suggestions, are coming soon.

She revealed that the side-panel assistant will digest emails and spit out a condensed version of everything, including thread replies, saving users time they would otherwise have spent scrolling.

Google announced a batch of innovative AI integrations into its services at the annual Google I/O conference. AFP (via Getty Images)
Gmail’s smart assistant will now be able to summarize emails and suggest replies.

Next, the tech giant will also introduce a smart response feature where the AI ​​assistant will provide customized suggestions depending on the specific message after scrutinizing the thread.

There is also a Q&A tool where users can ask questions, which Gemini will answer based on their email. So when you want to know when your shopping will arrive at your home, just ask your smart girlfriend assistant to search and search your email.

Demonstrating cutting-edge technology, Pappu showed how the future of Gmail can be integrated across Google services, such as collecting and organizing receipts into spreadsheets in Google Sheets and folders in Google Drive. demonstrated to the audience and effectively saved hours of tedious labor.

The Gemini she illustrated can find and categorize data, documents, and information in just seconds.

The tech giant introduced generative AI capabilities to its search engine this week. AP
The company’s AI integration on its Gmail platform is touted as more efficient. PA image (via Getty Images)

Google also announced the introduction of AI-powered “virtual teammates.” This teammate can be named and have their own profile.

Users can assign instructions and actionable items to an AI teammate, named “Chip” in the company’s demo, to monitor and track projects, analyze data for trends, organize information about projects, and more.

Announcing Google’s latest innovations. will be integrated into the platform later this yearcoincides with the launch of the search engine’s AI Overview, which uses generative AI to curate search results and provide concise answers to users’ online queries based on multiple articles.

The new feature is being touted as a more efficient alternative to scrolling through different websites when surfing the web, but it has raised concerns about the impact on media outlets that rely on revenue from the site’s traffic.

“Some people will just get hit,” said Ross Hudgens, CEO of Siege Media. washington postadded that some publishers could lose more than 20% of their search traffic as a result of progressive technology.

The Side Panel Assistant has not yet been released, but will be coming to Workspace Labs soon. Diego –

According to past reports, the introduction of AI Overview could cost some publishers more than $2 billion per year.

Marc McCollum, Raptive’s chief innovation officer, previously told the Post that the AI-powered technology is expected to “significantly reduce traffic for creators.”

“Google AI Overviews continues to use copyrighted content without consent or compensation and is in direct competition with independent content creators,” McCallum said. “This is another example of Big Tech’s efforts to destroy successful small businesses.”