Gordon Ramsay meets TikTok fan with terminal cancer after video goes viral

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has a reputation for being brusque and brusque with his cast members on TV shows, but the restaurateur showed off his softer side with a touching gesture to one of his fans. It’s showing.

In January, a woman named Maddie with stage 4 cancer It became a hot topic on TikTok After posting a video detailing her bucket list of things she wants to accomplish. One of her items was to meet with Ramsay, and the restaurateur granted her wish on Friday.

Ramsay responded with a video of his own that has already garnered nearly 500,000 likes. “First of all, thank you for that video,” Ramsay began. “And of course, I would love to meet you in person.”

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Gordon Ramsay has invited Maddie, a fan who is battling stage 4 cancer, to be a special guest at a restaurant he is opening in Florida. (Gilbert Flores/Variety, via Getty Images)

“It’s not just ‘hello and goodbye,'” Ramsay continued. “First, I want to take you to Miami,” he said, as a video of the two of them meeting and hugging appeared on the screen.

“Enjoy dinner with friends in Hell’s Kitchen, and then join us the next night, Friday night, as a special guest at the opening of our new South Beach restaurant, Lucky Cat.” The restaurant previously opened in the UK. There are 2 stores from.

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In the video, the “MasterChef” star can be seen twirling Maddie in the kitchen and taking pictures.

Maddie commented on the video: “The most special night of my life. So beautiful and amazing. Lots of love to the Gordon family.”in Another post Maddie herself describes the experience as the “biggest honor” and “coolest night” of her life.

Gordon Ramsay in a blue suit twirls Maddy in a black dress

Gordon Ramsay twirls guest Maddie at the opening of his Miami restaurant Lucky Cat. (Gordon Ramsay TikTok)

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According to her social media, Maddie has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Gordon Ramsay in a blue shirt leans on the stove

Gordon Ramsay looks intense on the set of ‘MasterChef’. (FOX via Getty Images)


The opening was a success, and Ramsay shared a video of it on Instagram. “Great night in Miami!! @luckycatbygordonramsay landed the 305!! Great team and great night – thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate!”

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According to People, the event was also attended by Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan and Cuba Gooding Jr.



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