Osama Bin Laden-themed beer sells out after going viral

Is that…? Yell Qaeda? A British brewery has been embroiled in controversy after its Osama Bin Laden-themed beer went viral online and sold out. Luke Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Brewing Company in Billingay, Lincolnshire, said: “Over the last few days I’ve been waking up to thousands of notifications.” BBC An insane request. Cleverly named Osama […]

Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards have viral exchange after upset

Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns are clearly the press duo the world needs. The Timberwolves’ star pair put on a show with the media in a viral exchange after Sunday night’s historic comeback in Game 7 against the Nuggets and a 98-90 victory to advance to the Western Conference finals. It all started with a […]

Eight-year-old’s inflation rant over ice cream prices goes viral

they are furiously angry. In an unsuccessful search for a snack, the two veer far off course after visiting a local ice cream shop and discover that the price of ice cream has recently skyrocketed. Marnie and Myra, 8-year-old twins from Burnley, England, inadvertently summarized social exhaustion due to the ever-increasing prices of almost everything […]

Vance Takes Center Stage in Veepstakes as Interview with Don Jr. Goes Viral

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), who is rumored to be vying for former President Donald Trump’s running mate, has joined Donald Trump Jr.’s campaign. It was a trigger Thursday interview podcast. Vance, who appeared in court with Trump on Monday, spoke to Trump Jr. about the “absurd” business records lawsuit against the 45th president and the […]

Viral ‘Red Stallions Girl’ returns for 2024 Titans schedule reveal

The Titans fought back with a familiar face. “Red Stallions Girl”, which was a big hit when it was released last year, Titans announce 2024 schedule. This year’s version may not have been as good a sequel as The Empire Strikes Back, but Red Stallion’s Girl was a worthwhile effort in its entertaining parts. Became […]

Blaze News investigates: Viral ‘death calculator’ AI tool cannot predict someone’s time of death, but it could still be used to ‘terraform society’

creator of life 2 beck This artificial intelligence tool, which some claim can predict when someone will die, warns that the virus coverage the tool has received is inaccurate. They pointed out that their work cannot “predict the time of death, financial status, or health status” of individuals. The technology was brought to the attention […]