Gun control bills await final passage as Maine legislative session nears its end

The Maine Legislature moved to adjournment Wednesday with unfinished business, including final votes on a series of gun safety bills introduced in the wake of last fall’s deadliest mass shooting in the state’s history.

The Senate was awaiting passage of the governor’s gun safety proposal, which would strengthen the state’s yellow flag law, strengthen background checks on private gun sales and make it a crime to sell guns recklessly to prohibited persons. .

Maine seeks second amendment with multiple gun safety bills after worst mass shooting in state history

The Senate narrowly gave final approval to a 72-hour waiting period for gun purchases and a ban on bump stocks, which convert weapons into machine guns.

maine state capitol

The Maine State Capitol photographed in Augusta, Maine. (eyecrave Productions, via Getty Images)

Some context: Lawmakers are still voting on a red flag proposal sponsored by House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross that would allow families to petition judges to remove guns from people in mental health crisis. do not have. The state’s yellow flag law puts police in control of the process, which critics say is too complicated.

Lawmakers faced a deadline to complete the work before adjourning Wednesday. Democratic Gov. Janet Mills has indicated she is not interested in extending the session.

An 11th-hour rift erupted between the governor and lawmakers over the amount of aid money to help the region recover from damage caused by the storm. Lawmakers also had to approve controversial budget amendments.

The October 25 shooting incident by Army reservists that killed 18 people and injured 13 others served as the backdrop for the congress.


Republicans accused Democrats of using the tragedy to play on people’s emotions and pass controversial bills, some of which had previously been defeated. Supporters of the bill said they are pleading with voters to do something to prevent future attacks.