Hal Steinbrenner’s payroll plan complicates Juan Soto’s Yankees future

Whether Juan Soto is in the Bronx or not, don’t continue to watch the Yankees make just over $300 million this season.

Hal Steinbrenner praised Soto again Wednesday during an owners meeting at MLB headquarters in Midtown, saying the team has “championship caliber” and calling the current salary “not sustainable.” added.

“To be honest, our current salary levels are not financially sustainable,” Steinbrenner said. “That would not be sustainable for the majority of ownership.” [groups]“Given the luxury tax we have to pay.”

Hal Steinbrenner spoke about the future of the Yankees’ payroll during an owners meeting. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

But Steinbrenner insisted that doesn’t mean the Yankees can’t fund Soto, who is preparing to hit the open market for the first time as a free agent this offseason.

According to the owner, unlike last offseason, the Yankees plan to terminate some contracts after this year.

“A considerable amount of money is lost.” [next offseason]” Steinbrenner said. “We didn’t make a lot of money last offseason. That’s why we’re in this situation.”

According to, the Yankees are currently worth $305 million in 2024, with $202 million already set for next year.

Gleyber Torres, at $14.2 million, is one player who may not return, but the team will need to make more room for Soto.

And Steinbrenner has made it clear that he has no intention of transferring all of this year’s salary to next year’s roster.

Juan Soto’s future with the Yankees is uncertain. Corey Shipkin of the New York Post

“I was a broken record. [on this topic]”I don’t believe you need a $300 million salary to win a championship,” Steinbrenner said. “I believe you need a good mix of veterans who are going to make more money, but also, we’ve put a lot of money into our player development system over the last five to 10 years, and we have one of the best players in baseball right now, in my opinion.”

He mentioned the contributions of Anthony Volpe and Lewis Hill, as well as future additions like Jasson Dominguez, who is on a rehabilitation mission to repair the UCL he tore during last year’s elbow surgery.

“They’re going to get ready and they’re going to take their chances, just like Volpe and Austin Wells and Gill and others did,” Steinbrenner said. “I believe the younger you are the faster you are and, rightly or not, I believe you’re going to be less prone to injury. They’re going to take their chances.”

Meanwhile, Steinbrenner has been pleased with the advantage the rotation has shown, especially in the absence of Gerrit Cole, who missed the early part of the season with elbow inflammation and is on track to make his season debut.

Coach Steinbrenner said, “The biggest pleasant surprise was the pitching staff and starting rotation.” “We came with concerns. [Carlos] Will I be able to get Rodon? Kang Nestor [Cortes] Stay healthy? Lewis Gill? And they’re the reason we’re where we are now because the offense struggled a little bit for a month. ”

Jason Dominguez is currently undergoing rehabilitation. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

And the combination of Soto and Aaron Judge has helped reinvigorate the offense, which, like most of the pitching staff, remains healthy.

“I was confident that Juan Soto would perform in New York,” Steinbrenner said of his expectations. “The market, the pressure, none of that mattered. [It was]: How will he interact with his fans? How will he interact with them? [the media], how will he interact with his teammates? Those were the three questions I had for him and he was great with all three of his questions. ”