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Hal Steinbrenner’s payroll plan complicates Juan Soto’s Yankees future

Whether Juan Soto is in the Bronx or not, don’t continue to watch the Yankees make just over $300 million this season. Hal Steinbrenner praised Soto again Wednesday during an owners meeting at MLB headquarters in Midtown, saying the team has “championship caliber” and calling the current salary “not sustainable.” added. “To be honest, our […]

Hal Steinbrenner’s spending trend is hope for a huge Yankees offseason

In 2012, the Yankees swept the ALCS. In 2013, they endured a rash of injuries, posted their worst OPS+ since 1990, and missed the playoffs with their worst winning percentage since 1992. That offseason, Hal Steinbrenner acquired a 25-year-old decorated starter from Japan (Masahiro Tanaka), an athletic left-handed center fielder represented by Scott Boras (JaCoby […]

Hal Steinbrenner’s Aaron Boone call had Andy Pettitte, Nick Swisher influence

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Hal Steinbrenner began an important offseason by considering whether Aaron Boone should return as Yankees manager next season. The Yankees’ managing general partner says he believes Boone is a good manager, and the consensus of the group of people he consulted agrees that Boone will indeed return to the dugout for a […]

Suggestions for Hal Steinbrenner’s deep Yankees dive

Hal Steinbrenner has promised to “go very deep” into everything the Yankees are doing, via the Associated Press. He’s by no means a shallow hull, and I believe he’ll actually give him authority to look closely at everything from the front office to the benches to hopefully the medical staff, but that’s at some point. […]

Aaron Boone all for Hal Steinbrenner’s deep Yankees dive

HOUSTON — Hal Steinbrenner recently said the Yankees are going to “dive really deep into everything we do” this offseason. Aaron Boone agrees with that. Steinbrenner told The Associated Press on Thursday that the Yankees are looking to hire an outside firm to assess the club’s analytics department and “basketball operations in general” heading into […]

Yankees pushing Hal Steinbrenner’s comfort zone to its limit

This is no longer a surname issue. At least it shouldn’t be. George Steinbrenner died in 2010. He stopped having a routine impact on the Yankees at least five years before. A Yankees fan who screams “If George is alive …!” You forgot two very important things. 1. George’s version, circa 1981-1990, not only culminated […]

Yankees’ Anthony Volpe rewards Hal Steinbrenner’s faith

Hours after being given the vote of confidence by Hal Steinbrenner, Anthony Volpe showed off some more of the ‘winning plays’ the manager keeps preaching. Maybe I’ll be grateful to be back in New Jersey on my Monday off day. The solid rookie shortstop hit two doubles (one legitimate, the other generously scored) in the […]