Harvard condoned antisemitism against Jewish students: lawsuit

Harvard University is facing a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging that anti-Semitism against Jewish students was rampant on campus even before the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel.

“Jews are fair people,” the complaint, filed Wednesday by the Center for Human Rights under Louis Brandeis and Jewish Americans for Educational Equity, says.

“Students and faculty can harass and discriminate against Jews, and they can do so openly and with impunity.

It is believed that former Harvard University President Claudine Gay’s weak response to anti-Semitism in her testimony at a Congressional hearing last year led to her firing. david mcglynn

“When Harvard is presented with irrefutable evidence of anti-Semitic acts, the University ignores and condones them,” the 72-page lawsuit alleges.

“Harvard’s tolerance of anti-Semitism stands in contrast to its aggressive enforcement of anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies to protect other minorities.”

His ouster is believed to have been prompted by former Harvard University president Claudine Gay’s weak response to anti-Semitism during her testimony at a congressional hearing last year.

Harvard University received $676 million in federal funding last year, but as a condition of the aid it must comply with the 1964 U.S. Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination on campus.

The lawsuit alleges that the Ivy League school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, outside Boston, “exacerbated” anti-Semitism against Jewish students by condoning and even aiding and abetting hatred of Jews.

The complaint, filed in Boston, cites numerous examples of Harvard turning a blind eye to anti-Semitism, which sparked a separate federal lawsuit filed by Jewish students earlier this year.

— Immediately after Hamas invaded Israel on October 7, 2023, thousands of protesters calling for genocide against Jews showed up at Harvard University and began harassing, threatening, and threatening Jewish students.

What was Harvard’s first move?

Harvard University is facing a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging that anti-Semitism against Jewish students runs unchecked on campus. Rafalino

The lawsuit says a special team will be formed to protect individuals who spew hatred against Jews.

— Harvard University’s student bulletin board has a Nazi-like feel, with vile anti-Semitism such as calls for Jews to “cook” and calls for the Jewish student group Hillel to “burn in hell.” It was filled with slander, threats, and conspiracy theories.

The message board features anti-Semitic cartoons reminiscent of Nazi-era propaganda, depicting hands engraved with a Star of David and a dollar sign wrapping nooses around the necks of a black man and what appears to be an Arab.

This comic was submitted not only by student groups but also by faculty members.

— A Jewish student was physically assaulted. When protesters realized the student was Jewish from a blue bracelet he was wearing in solidarity with Israel, a mob swarmed, surrounded the student and physically accosted him, according to the complaint. He said he began shouting “shame, shame, shame” in his face.

Although the assault was captured on video, Harvard took no action to correct the physical assault, according to the complaint.

— Three Israeli students say they were intentionally discriminated against and “tormented” during Professor Marshall Ganz’s class at the Harvard Kennedy School last spring. After they proposed a project on Israeli Jewish identity, their Arab and Muslim classmates pushed back, complaining that the idea of ​​”Jewish democracy” was “offensive.”

Professors and teaching fellows agreed. Professor Gantz likened the existence of a “Jewish state” to “white supremacy” and threatened his students with “consequences” if they proceeded with the topic.

Harvard University received $676 million in federal funding last year, but as a condition of the aid it must comply with the 1964 U.S. Civil Rights Act, which bans discrimination on campus. X/@AvivaKlompas

As students persistently protested, Gantz’s misconduct escalated into repeated taunts and humiliation throughout the class, the suit says.

Gantz then lowered the students’ grades “as a result” of their refusal to change the subject, the suit says.

According to the complaint, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic student demonstrators occupied and vandalized buildings, disrupted classes and exams, and made the campus unbearable for Jewish and Israeli classmates.

Jewish students are bullied, spat at, threatened and verbally and physically harassed, according to the complaint.

The professors also explicitly supported anti-Semitic and anti-Israel terrorism, spread anti-Semitic propaganda in their classes and contributed to bigotry, according to the lawsuit.

The medical school doctoral students mentioned in the lawsuit described how they hid in their rooms and avoided public places, including labs, for fear of being harassed or attacked.

“Harvard’s message was clear: Discrimination, harassment, and violence are tolerated as long as they are directed against Israelis and Jews,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit alleges that Harvard allowed anti-Semitism against Jewish students to “fester” by tolerating and even abetting hatred against Jews. AFP (via Getty Images)

Enough is enough, the plaintiffs said.

Kenneth Marcus, founder and president of the Brandeis Center and former assistant secretary of education for civil rights, said, “Harvard’s leadership has long shown that the school is committed to hateful anti-Semitism and extremism.” “We have allowed it to become a breeding ground for anti-Israel ideology.”

Professor Marcus said external investigators documented anti-Semitic bias a year ago but the university was slow to respond.

The Post has reached out to Harvard University for comment.