Report card flunks Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, SUNY campuses for antisemitism

Thirteen of the nation’s most elite schools, including Harvard University and Princeton University, were given an “F” grade, according to an eye-opening report that ranked universities on their policies to protect Jewish students. Only two universities in the United States are doing enough to combat anti-Semitism on their campuses. ” The Anti-Defamation League looked at […]

Harvard professor claims aliens could visit Earth through interdimensional travel

Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb claimed that aliens may be able to visit Earth using interdimensional portals that scientists could reproduce through the Large Hadron Collider. Speaking in a recent documentary The Paranormal UFO Connection, made by filmmaker Mark Christopher Lee, Loeb speculated that aliens may have already visited Earth, using methods that humans could discover […]

MIT, Harvard Professors Condemn Use of ‘Sex Assigned at Birth’

Professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University recently condemned the use of the term “gender assigned at birth” in an editorial published in a magazine. new york times. Alex Byrne, professor of philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Carol Houben, professor of psychology at Harvard University Misunderstandings are costly.” times […]

Harvard researchers create ‘intelligent liquid’ that has ushered in a ‘new class of fluid’: Study

Researchers at Harvard University It is reported that it was developed According to the authors, they call metafluids “intelligent liquids.” Debriefing session. This fluid contains “tunable elasticity, tunable optical properties, variable viscosity, and even a seemingly magical ability to transition between Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.” The formulation the team came up with remains secret as […]

Harvard Law Student Council Passes Anti-Israel Resolution After Changing Voting Rules

Harvard Law School’s student government passed an anti-Israel resolution on Friday with changed voting rules. The resolution calls on Harvard University to secede from the Jewish state and everything associated with daily wire report Last week, the Harvard Law School government amended its bylaws to allow secret voting by elected representatives for the first […]

Harvard University sees small dip in applications following Gay controversies

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