Harvard graduate student suing university for ‘rewarding antisemitism,’ ignoring pleas of Jewish students

A graduate student at Harvard University is filing a lawsuit over the university’s response. anti-israel agitator And he describes the rise in anti-Semitism on campus as a “characteristic” of Ivy League schools.

Shabbos Kestenbaum, a student at Harvard Divinity School, said of the university’s “out-of-control” anti-Semitism: scathing editorialThere he accused the university of ignoring the safety concerns of Jewish students while capitulating to anti-Israel mobs expressing anti-democratic, anti-American, anti-capitalist and anti-Semitic views.

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“This is a terrible indictment, and it’s also a terrible indictment that for Jewish Americans in 2024 to receive equity, equality, and justice, we’re going to have to go to Congress, we’re going to have to sue, because we’re going to “Because we can’t get it from our position at our own university,” Kestenbaum told “American Report” on Wednesday.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – May 10: Harvard University police walk near a pro-Palestinian tent encampment in Harvard Yards. (John Turmacchi/Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The Orthodox Jewish student made the comments shortly before testifying before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Limited Government about his allegations against the school.

he told Fox News. interim president alan garber Repeatedly unable to meaningfully enforce any policies or hold people accountable for anti-Semitism, despite hundreds of students breaking school rules in unprecedented numbers in the past few weeks. I turned a blind eye.

“If Harvard wanted to change, if it wanted to combat anti-Semitism, it would have already done that,” Kestenbaum said. “Today, nothing prevents them from implementing policies to combat anti-Semitism and discipline anti-Semitic students and professors, but they cannot do anything to help Jewish students or do so.” I’ve shown time and time again that I don’t.”

Kestenbaum accused the school of double standards when it comes to protecting Jewish students. On Tuesday, Harvard University announced that it had agreed to some concessions in exchange for anti-Israel agitators clearing their protest encampments ahead of the upcoming commencement ceremony.

harvard university encampment

A view of the encampment on the grounds of Harvard University. There were several billboards in the “liberated zone” denouncing genocide and calling for the divestment of capital from Israel. (Nicholas Lanum/Fox News Digital)

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Professor Gerber said he remains committed to “ongoing and reasoned dialogue” and plans to meet with students to hear their views on “academic issues related to the long-standing conflict in the Middle East.” .

Kestenbaum said he finds it “ridiculous” that schools are “rewarding bad behavior” when the voices of Jewish students continue to be ignored by school teachers. He previously told Fox News Digital that administrators have not responded to even one of his dozens of emails and have refused to meet with Jewish students.

“For the past three weeks, a Harvard Hamas homeless shelter has been on campus, and students have violated school rules, chanted calls for genocide against Jews, and vandalized school grounds,” he said. “And Harvard President Alan Garber said just yesterday that he’s going to negotiate with them and give them a seat at the table so they can talk about withdrawal from Israel, and so they can talk about Palestinian research. Center at Harvard University. ”

“As a Jewish student, I’ve wanted to talk to the president for months, I’ve wanted to talk to the dean, Mara Frederick. So the only way to get my voice heard was to violate the school. “I think that’s the policy…”

Alan Garber, interim president of Harvard University

May 29, 2014, Professor Alan Garber of Harvard University. He currently serves as the university’s interim president and announced an agreement with the protesters. (Paul Marotta/Getty Images) (Paul Marotta/Getty Images)

“They reward anti-Semitism,” Kestenbaum continued. “That’s completely unacceptable.”

Kestenbaum wrote in an op-ed that he never expected to take legal action against the Ivy League university he once aspired to attend.

“I never imagined I would have to fight for my right to exist on campus. I never thought I would have to sue Harvard to be treated equally,” he wrote. ing.

He told Fox News co-anchor John Roberts that his experience, and that of Jewish students on campuses across the country, makes him worried about the future of this country.


“Harvard claims to be preparing the next generation of American leaders: presidents, politicians, and thought leaders,” Professor Kestenbaum said. “If my classmates and professors were the next generation of leaders, our country would be in a very scary situation, because it’s not just anti-Semitism, it’s anti-Americanism.”

Harvard University filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in April. “Harvard is committed to fighting anti-Semitism and ensuring that Jewish students, faculty, staff, and alumni feel safe, valued, and safe in our community,” Harvard spokesperson Jason A. Newton told the Harvard Crimson at the time. “We’re committed to making sure they know they’re accepted.”