Hitting The Exits? Stephen A. Smith Says Kevin Durant Isn’t Happy With The Phoenix Suns

Hmm … how long until Kevin Durant calls cap?

The Phoenix Suns currently have a Big 3 on their roster with Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal, however, that trio might only last one season. And that’s because Kevin Durant is reportedly unhappy with the Suns.

It needs to be pointed out though that this sole report came from Stephen A. Smith, somebody who is known mainly for infotainment and has led us into misinformation on several occasions when it comes to this kind of reporting. (RELATED: Bronny James, The Son Of LeBron, Is Hilariously Staying In The 2024 NBA Draft: REPORT)

Speaking on the Monday edition of “First Take,” the ESPN legend labeled Durant a “problem” and said that he isn’t happy in Phoenix. Durant was traded to the Suns in 2023 following the failed Big 3 that the Brooklyn Nets put together (Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden).

“It is a problem. We don’t see it ’cause the stats are there. Him and (Devin) Booker average 27 points a game and what have you, but they say Kevin Durant is never happy,” said Smith. “They say he went more than a month without even talking to the head coach (Frank Vogel). They say he doesn’t look happy there. All he wants to do is play when the game starts and tip-off time arrives, but when it comes to ingratiating yourself with your teammates and getting along with everybody and stuff like that, he just lives in his own world.”


Over/under 5.5 days until Kevin Durant calls Stephen A. a liar again?

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