House may take up vote soon on national security bill

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to prioritize funding for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. separate vote By the end of this week.

Democrats are also on board with the plan, but Johnson is facing threats from members of the House of Commons. marjorie taylor green (Republican, Georgia) and Rep. thomas massey (R-Ky.), they are trying to oust him for pushing the package.

Mr Green has already tabled a motion to remove Mr Johnson as chair, with Mr Massey seconding it on Tuesday.

“Mike Johnson is trying to win the Triple Crown against our base here,” Massey said, citing the House majority leader’s efforts to pass a national security surveillance bill and an omnibus spending bill. .

Many far-right lawmakers are particularly opposed to more aid to Ukraine, with some worried about the country’s debt mounting.

Member of Parliament bob good Freedom Caucus Chairman (R-Va.) expressed concern that Prime Minister Johnson does not recognize border security as part of his policy.

“That’s a big, big problem,” he said.

the senate passed $95 billion The national security supplement bill was introduced in February after the entire Congress failed to reach agreement on a deal linking border security to Ukrainian and foreign aid funds. The Senate bill removed border security from the package but still includes foreign aid funding.

However, the House of Representatives did not act on this policy due to obstruction from far-right members.

Amid the debate, Ukraine has struggled to fend off the issue. Approaching the Russian army It is being left on the battlefield as U.S. aid has been withheld for more than a year.

Passage of supplementary legislation on national security has also become more urgent as Iran has sent more funds. 300 missiles and drones I went to Israel this weekend.

Prime Minister Johnson has indicated that he will not bow to pressure from some members of Congress.

“I’m going to do my job, and I think that’s what the American people expect of us,” he said.

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