House may take up vote soon on national security bill

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to prioritize funding for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. separate vote By the end of this week. Democrats are also on board with the plan, but Johnson is facing threats from members of the House of Commons. marjorie taylor green (Republican, Georgia) and Rep. thomas massey (R-Ky.), they are trying […]

Socialist Belgian Mayor Tries To Force Closure Of National Conservatism Conference

Police and lawmakers in Brussels, Belgium, reportedly worked to successfully shut down the National Conservatism Conference on Tuesday. Known colloquially as NatCon, the gathering was set to introduce Hungarian leader Viktor Orban and British politician-turned-reality star Nigel Farage over the coming two days, according to Politico. Instead, law enforcement arrived two hours into the event, […]

National Guardsman Shoots Migrant Who Allegedly Stabbed Two Others

National Guard troops reportedly opened fire on a migrant who stabbed two people at the Texas-Mexico border, according to documents obtained by NewsNation. The incident occurred Sunday afternoon along the Rio Grande River in El Paso’s Lower Valley, NewsNation reported. report. Members of the Indiana National Guard sent to the area as part of Republican […]

Indiana National Guardsman Shot Migrant Stabbing Two Others at Texas Border

Authorities in Texas are investigating a border shooting in which Indiana National Guard members allegedly opened fire on a man who stabbed two migrants. After the shooting, the suspect fled into Mexico while U.S. authorities treated the injured migrants. The incident occurred Sunday afternoon in El Paso, according to internal U.S. Border Patrol documents leaked […]

MA National Guard members kick off the 128th Boston Marathon

A group of Massachusetts National Guard soldiers began the 128th Boston Marathon starting in the historic town of Hopkinton. Hopkinton is commemorating its 100th anniversary as the starting point for the marathon, with a sign reading “Hopkinton 100 Years” at the start line. Good weather was expected for the race, which drew nearly 30,000 runners […]

2 men seen on camera toppling boulders at Lake Mead National Park

Two men landed in the Commonwealth. authorities radar Earlier this month, two people were seen on video pushing a rock over at a national park in Nevada, with the daughter of one of the suspects apparently watching in horror. The National Park Service announced Saturday that park rangers were searching for the vandals who appeared. […]


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