How to recover a purchased app you accidentally deleted from your iPhone

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Have you ever accidentally deleted an app you already paid for from your iPhone? Don’t worry. There’s a trick to saving your day and your wallet by returning items without having to buy them again.

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Go to the hidden purchases feature on your iPhone. (Kurt “Cyber ​​Guy” Knutson)

How to restore purchased and deleted apps on iPhone

Let’s work through it step by step. Pick up your iPhone or iPad and get started.

  • open settings app. The home screen displays the familiar gear icon.
  • Please tap Apple ID It’s located at the top of the settings menu. Remember to use the same Apple ID you used when you originally purchased the app.
  • Go ahead and choose “Media and Purchasing”
  • Tap View account.You may need to sign in yourselfrApple ID
Recover iPhone 2 apps

Steps to restore purchased and deleted apps on iPhone. (Kurt “Cyber ​​Guy” Knutson)

  • Scroll down until you find hidden purchases, Please tap.this is where the app is hidden When you think you don’t need it anymore.
  • Just tap from the list Redisplay next to the app you want to restore.
  • Tap Continue
  • here, download icon Click the cloud and down arrow to begin downloading the app to your device.

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Recover app iPhone 3

Should app stores make it easy to find previously purchased apps? (Kurt “Cyber ​​Guy” Knutson)

You should be able to recover that app without paying any more cash. It’s like finding digital change in a couch cushion.

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Isn’t technology amazing? With just a few taps, you can undo potentially costly mistakes. This is a reminder that even in a fast-paced digital world, there are still easy solutions to problems.

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Should app stores make it easy to find previously purchased apps? Why or why not? Please let us know by email.

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