Hunter Biden Only Remembers One Thing About Meetings He ‘Can’t Recall,’ And It’s That His Dad Wasn’t Involved

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, said Wednesday during a closed-door deposition with House Republicans that he could not recall information about his business dealings at least 29 times. What he remembers, as he explained to lawmakers, was that his father had no involvement in his overseas business.

Hunter Biden appeared in a closed-door deposition to the House Oversight Committee as part of House Republicans’ impeachment investigation into his father. His eldest son agreed to testify before Congress in January after ignoring a subpoena.Hunter Biden seemed to contradict himself throughout. testimony And he seemed to have memory problems.

Despite dealing with the president’s son behind closed doors, the records failed to generate significant new lines of inquiry for Republicans desperate to find hard evidence in the hands of the president. Ta.

“I am here today to provide the committee with one indisputable fact that should put an end to the false premise of this investigation: that I did not involve my father in my business. In his opening statement, Biden said that information about specific business meetings was “I don’t remember,” he said.

At one point, Hunter claimed he never involved his father in any business transactions, but later put Joe Biden on speakerphone in front of some business associates, according to a deposition. admitted that. (Related: Here’s all the evidence linking Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings)

“Rob Walker testified that there was a meeting at the Four Seasons with your father, Jianming Ye, and that you were also present,” the lawmaker asked Hunter. “You don’t remember that?”

“What is the date of that meeting?” Hunter replies.

“He couldn’t remember the date of the meeting,” the councilor replied.

“Yeah. And I don’t remember the date of the meeting,” Hunter added.

Other errors and inconsistencies in Hunter Biden’s affidavit were primarily in foreign business matters, records show. According to testimony, Hunter Biden claims he has “never fully read” an email sent by James Gillier detailing the capital structure of Oneida Holdings, a joint venture with Chinese energy company CEFC. did. In an email, Mr. Giller appeared to suggest that Mr. Hunter retain a 10% stake in the “big man,” the commission said.

Despite now claiming he didn’t read it, Hunter Biden responded to the email and did not object to the proposal to give “10% to the greats,” the committee said. pointed out in the press release.

When asked if he was referring to his father by “big man,” Mr. Hunter continued to insist that his father was not involved in his dealings.

The eldest son claimed he had no formal relationship with Rosemont Seneca Bohay, even though he received payments from Burisma into his Rosemont Seneca Bohay bank account. according to to the committee. Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, testified that his eldest son was the company’s corporate secretary.

“He also said you were the corporate secretary for Rosemont Seneca Bohai,” the lawmaker asked Hunter. “Is that a mistake?”

“Company secretary?” Hunter answered.

“Yes, sir,” he continued.

“I didn’t know such a thing existed,” Hunter shot back.

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz once confronted Hunter Biden about a meeting between his father and Vadim Pozharskiy at Cafe Milano, documents show.

Hunter Biden could not recall the exact date of the meeting, but he did have a back-and-forth with Gaetz over the definition of a meeting.

“What Vadim is talking about is that the previous night he attended a World Food Program dinner at Café Milano. I stopped by to say hello. Mr. Vadim was also one of the people sitting at the table and I said hello to them. They did not have a meeting. They did meet, but it was a very important difference with a difference. ,” Hunter said.

When the conversation turned to CEFC, Hunter denied that his father had ever profited from any business dealings.

“My father never made a decision to be involved in my business because it would benefit me. My father never profited from my business, financially or otherwise. There was no one there,” Hunter said when asked about his involvement with CEFC.

The eldest son and his business partner first began working with CEFC when Biden was former President Barack Obama’s vice president. However, earlier documents revealed that Hunter and his colleagues did not receive payments from CEFC until the end of their vice-presidency.

State Energy HK, a company associated with CEFC, transferred $3 million to Walker in March 2017, and Walker later donated $1 million to the Bidens. according to In bank records.

“All I know is this: My father was never involved in my business,” Hunter insisted, even though he doesn’t remember much of the moment when asked. “I have never received a dime from anyone or benefited in any way from anyone. I have never acted on their behalf in any way.”

Henry Rogers contributed to this report.



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