HYPOCRISY: AOC calls out GOP for weaponizing ‘impeachment’

Republicans have not yet impeached Joe Biden or any other Biden administration official.

But that didn't stop AOC from complaining on CNN that Republicans are “weaponizing” impeachment.

“What they're using and doing is impeaching and taking all of the most serious national procedures,” AOC somberly told Anderson Cooper. “They are weaponizing it politically for electoral and political purposes.”

“This is a selfishness that really puts this country at risk, it puts our electoral process, it puts our legal process at risk. ” she added.

AOC did not mention that she voted to impeach President Donald Trump not once but twice.

Pat Gray and Keith Marinak haven't forgotten this fact.

“As a Democrat who impeached Donald Trump twice, what do you think about that?” Gray laughs.

“Compared to what Biden is doing, it's nothing at all,” agrees Marinak. “You're talking about a lack of self-awareness,” he added.

Sen. Bob Menendez has also not yet been removed from office, and there is no further basis for his criminal charges. Democratic senators allegedly worked for foreign governments in exchange for cash and gold.

“With that much antagonism, you should be able to get rid of him,” Marinak said.

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