‘I Hate Him With Every Fiber’: Charles Barkley Blasts Skip Bayless Over Bill Belichick Take

Is Skip Bayless wrong anyway?

When it comes to legendary sports pundits, Charles Barkley has always been truthful about his distaste for him, and it was a similar old story when the former NBA player appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Friday.

“There are so many idiots, idiots, idiots on TV right now,” Barclay said. “Everyone has to have a passion.”

Sir Charles said that the sports media likes to compare Patrick Mahomes to Tom Brady and Andy Reid to Bill Belichick, but what about that “idiot” he was referring to?

He was talking about Skip.

“Let me tell you how stupid some of these guys on TV are,” Barkley continued. “You know how much I hate Skip Bayless. I hate him with all my heart. Sometimes he makes me want to gain weight back so I can gain more weight and hate him. .”


To the original question…is Skip Bayless wrong?

Don’t get me wrong. I definitely rate Bill Belichick as the greatest coach in NFL history, but I’d also like to say he wouldn’t be wearing seven rings without Tom Brady. Both things are true here.

did mac jones Does experience teach us nothing? (Related article: Bill Simmons shoots Pat McAfee, sports media war intensifies)

Belichick is a legendary coach, but like any coach, he needs a knack for cooking. That’s why I can’t help but say, and I love Charles Barkley, but Skip Bayless’ view is actually correct.

Bill can’t win anything without Tom.



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