Illinois apartment tenants said they were trapped inside units after property was boarded up

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Residents living in an apartment building in Harvey, Illinois, were reportedly trapped inside with their doors and windows boarded up.

fox 32 Some residents of an apartment complex on S. Halstead Street were trapped indoors, and several people expressed concern after the video spread on social media, according to reports in Chicago.

Resident Rudolph Williams, who was locked in one of the units, told police he “didn't hear any knocks on the door” Friday morning before the door was boarded up.

Photos of more than 30 units currently boarded up show no-occupancy orders.

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Some residents of Harvey, Illinois were reportedly boarded up and locked in their rooms on Friday. (FOX 32 Chicago)

Residents at the development site told police that at least five families remained inside the apartment with their belongings.

“Contrary to recent claims, the city has not evicted anyone from these properties, but we are consulting with the property owners regarding the unsafe conditions of the buildings and “We need to immediately correct the poor living conditions.”

The City of Harvey posted several photos on social media of the apartment complex showing poor living conditions and serious structural concerns.

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hole in the stairs

An apartment complex on Halstead Street in Harvey, Illinois, was boarded up after the structural integrity of the building was compromised. (City of Harvey)

Some photos show broken concrete and rust holes on the stairs leading to the second floor, personal belongings stored in the stairwell, piles of trash left on the property, and overflowing trash cans.

In October 2023, the City of Harvey began an extensive investigation of the property and discussed structural issues and collapsed stair risers with property owners Jay Patel and Henry Cho.

The city also discussed numerous 911 calls about illegal activities occurring at the facility.

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garbage in apartment complexes

Trash was scattered across the grounds of an apartment complex on Halstead Street in Harvey, Illinois. (City of Harvey)

Two months ago, the city held a meeting and recommended that property owners hire a structural engineer to assess the damage. The city's Building Department gave contractors two weeks to hire contractors and urged property owners to erect temporary structures to block the stairs.

The city also stressed to the owner the need to vacate the building for safety reasons as construction is ongoing, and said it had granted the owner an extension until the end of October to allow residents to arrange other housing. Ta.

City officials said in a post that property owners were told the building's structural integrity had exceeded its expected lifespan and they needed to vacate the building by Oct. 28.

The city said, “The responsibility of communicating this information to tenants was also emphasized.''

Multiple assessments were conducted on the property between Oct. 28 and Dec. 14, at which time the city's Department of Buildings said the two buildings on the property were in a ” It was determined that the person was exposed to an “imminent safety risk.”


And on Friday, property owners boarded up both buildings while city police conducted inspections and health checks, the city added.

Fox News Digital reached out to Mayor Christopher J. Clark for comment, but he did not immediately respond.



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