Indoor and outdoor furniture for sale this Memorial Day

Whether you prefer to spend your time indoors on the couch or outside in a lounge chair, Memorial Day is one of the best days for furniture sales.

Most major furniture retailers and big box stores hold sales to attract more customers. For many people, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer and all the sales that come with it.

Here are 12 indoor and outdoor living items on sale this Memorial Day.

indoor furniture

recliner sofa

Relax in a beautiful leather recliner. (Slumberland Furniture)

At the end of the day, nothing feels better than taking off your shoes and putting your feet up. A recliner sofa makes it so much easier.

Ashley Furniture sells double recliners that are perfect for small families. If you’re willing to pay a little more, Slumberland also has a double recliner with storage space in the middle.

sofa and two seater set

Make sure your living room matches this leather furniture set. (Jennifer Furniture)

Want to buy all your living room furniture at once? Major furniture companies often have huge sales on living room sets on Memorial Day.

Ashley Furniture has small sofas and loveseat sets perfect for small living rooms. If you’re looking to add some serious luxury to your living room, check out Jennifer Furniture’s gray leather recliner set.

Wooden Dining Table Set

Buy seating for the whole family with a dining table and matching benches. (plank + beam)

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or need a nice place to dine with your family, your new dining set will give you all the space you need. Plank + Beam has a classic wood dining table with two benches. Ashley Furniture also sells 4-person dining sets for Memorial Day.

bedroom set

Complete your entire bedroom with just one purchase. (board + beam)

A matching bedroom set will keep your room tidy and cohesive. It usually comes with a bed frame, bureau, and nightstand. Ashley Furniture’s gray wood bedroom set is on sale for under $700. Plank + Beam has a simple metal and wood set that includes a bed frame and two nightstands.

office desk

Amazon has desks that fit everything you need for work. (Amazon)

Looking to upgrade your work-from-home environment? Start by choosing a desk that matches the atmosphere of your room. Plank + Beam has beautiful wooden desks in a variety of different types of wood. Or buy a desk with plenty of storage space and a raised platform for your computer monitor or laptop. From Amazon.

memory foam mattress

Start sleeping comfortably with your new mattress. (Slumberland Furniture)

Mattress companies usually have competitive sales on Memorial Day, so it’s the perfect time to upgrade. Memory foam mattresses provide additional comfort. Memory foam mattresses are available from Ashley Furniture and Slumberland for under $800.

outdoor furniture

patio table and chairs

This patio set will fit even the smallest patio. (Amazon)

Patio furniture helps you relax and enjoy your time outdoors. A simple and affordable set of two chairs now available on Amazon Comes with a small patio table. Wayfair offers a set of four-person glass table and four chairs.

patio sofa

During the warmer months, relax on the outdoor sofa. (Amazon)

A patio sofa will instantly transform your patio into your new summer living room. Don’t want to spend thousands of dollars? Amazon has a 3-seater patio sofa. For less than $300. You can also get a large outdoor sofa with an ottoman from Slumberland.

Adirondack chair

Relax in style with an Adirondack chair. (Amazon)

The Adirondack chair is a classic outdoor chair. A durable, comfortable and stylish lounge chair made for the outdoors. Adirondack chairs on sale on Amazon Available in a wide range of bright and neutral colors. Wayfair is currently selling a set of his two white Adirondack chairs with a small table.

outdoor swing

There’s nothing more quaint than a porch swing. (Amazon)

Adding a porch swing to your front porch, patio, or deck provides additional seating and a comfortable place to hang out. Lowes offers affordable outdoor swing options with canopies. Amazon also has outdoor swings. For less than $300.

outdoor lounge chair

Stretch your legs on the outdoor lounge chairs. (Amazon)

Outdoor lounge chairs are perfect for soaking up the warm summer sun or reading a book. Stretch your legs in the Lounge His Chair under $70 at Lowes. Also, Lounger set of 2 on Amazon.

Rocking Chair

This rocking chair set comes with two chairs and a table from Amazon. (Amazon)

A set of rocking chairs will be a delight for anyone who comes over. Lowes has a set of two chairs with plush cushions and a side table. Or, for a more affordable price, you can get You can buy rocking chair sets for under $100 on Amazon..

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