Israelis And Gazans Expected To Join Hands And Sing Kumbaya After Whiny Libs Threaten To Skip A Few Meals

Dozens of government employees appear to be planning a one-day hunger strike on February 1 to protest President Joe Biden’s support for Israel, as if it will make any difference.

A small number of government workers plan to skip lunch for one day in February to force Biden to stop Hamas terrorists’ genocide against Israelis and Palestinians, but those on strike support terrorists. Although it seems that according to to the Daily Mail. The workers are expected to appear wearing symbols of Palestinian solidarity such as black keffiyeh scarves, but no aid will be provided to the thousands of Israelis massacred by Hamas terrorists.

Could you please help me understand this? Because I absolutely can’t. I also met many government workers, most of whom could get away with going on hunger strike at least once or twice a week in normal times.

The fact that this group thinks that a day of hunger strike will force Israelis and Palestinians to join hands with the terrorists called Hamas and sing Kumbaya is a sign of the way our government is run. It shows exactly what is wrong. (Related: Joe Rogan seems just as disgusted by this video of America’s youth as we are)

Do you believe people who think a one-day hunger strike will create world peace? No, that person is an idiot. But somehow these unelected idiots are the real people doing the paperwork to keep our government going. Nevertheless, you still trust them to solve all your problems, listen to all your complaints, and give them constant authority over you.

These so-called activists apparently believe that their actions will “force dialogue.” Actually, I think this will just make the boss write a list of people to let go during the next layoff. And that’s definitely a good thing.



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