You may soon be able to pay for meals a new way — with your face

How about it? eye And? As new biometric technology becomes increasingly popular, people may soon be able to pay by simply looking at a restaurant’s checkout screen. One facial ID payment company, PopID, is signing more and more deals across the country to bring this cutting-edge technology to everyday establishments. Users register by simply taking […]

Americans Skipping Meals To Afford Housing Under Biden: POLL

A major real estate company released a study Friday that found renters and homeowners are significantly reducing their quality of life to buy a home under President Joe Biden. Nearly 1 in 5 homeowners and renters report skipping meals to buy a home in the Biden economy. according to Completed a new survey conducted by […]

I’ve gotten 100 free McDonald’s meals — thanks to this ChatGPT hack

ChatGPT can do virtually anything. Examples include unlimited free McDonald’s meals. A so-called “billionaire” businessman boasted on a podcast that he used an artificial intelligence system to generate fake complaints and used ChatGPT to trick McDonald’s into giving him 100 free meals. Mr. Gage, co-host All about podcasts He is the owner of the resale […]

TikToker eats only $1.50 Costco hot dog meals for an entire week

The TikTok star spent a week eating $1.50 hot dog combo meals at Costco, but her stomach paid the price. Joey Kinsley, of Cleveland, Ohio, known to his more than 460,000 social media followers as the online persona “Sir Yacht,” documented the stunt in several TikTok videos. By the second day, Kinsley was already regretting […]

Rams Star Cooper Kupp Drops by with Free Meals for L.A. Sheriffs

The Los Angeles Rams may have their eyes on Ball heading into the wild-card round of the NFL playoffs, but wide receiver Cooper Kupp recently threw a huge barbecue party to cheer on the LA Sheriff's Department. It wasn't busy. Reportedly 2022 Super Bowl Champions Appeared According to TMZ Sports, the L.A. Sheriff's Department's Lost […]