It’s Time For Your Annual Weather Outlook For 2024. Surprising No One, It Ain’t Great

A forecast released Tuesday details how the U.S. could weather an “overloaded” hurricane season in 2024.

Apparently, there is already “serious and growing concern” about this year’s hurricane season due to the looming colder-than-normal La Niña weather cycle and warmer Atlantic waters. according to To AccuWeather meteorologist Jonathan Porter. La Niña phenomenon This is the opposite of the El Niño phenomenon that the United States experienced throughout 2023 and is still dealing with in 2024.

Although hurricane season technically doesn’t start until June 1st, it looks like signs are already in place for a pretty busy season this year. “The second half of the hurricane season is likely to be very active as conditions are more favorable for tropical systems,” AccuWeather long-range expert Paul Pastelok said in his forecast.

But La Niña should bring temperatures below normal, so why are they still hot? (Related article: Preparing for a Category 6 hurricane, but it’s not as bad as I thought)

Atlantic temperatures in mid-February were similar to expected mid-July temperatures, so there is also a risk that the first major storm system could arrive before June 1st. But strangely, this also happened in 2023. The weather pattern is the opposite of what we expected this year. strange.

Either way, surprisingly warmer-than-normal water temperatures and a predicted La Niña cycle could put places like Texas at great risk for “direct-hit” storms in 2024. A complete forecast for the 2024 hurricane season will not be available. It’s until the end of March, but just in case, we’ll start preparing now!



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