JESSE WATTERS: Like the rest of us, the jury is confused

Fox News host Jesse Watters talks on “Jesse Watters Primetime” about how the charges facing former President Trump were finally presented to the jury by the judge in the New York v. Trump case.

Conservatives denounce New York City’s ‘political’ out-of-court prosecution of Trump, calling it ‘damaging to the country’

Jesse Waters: This jury has already deliberated longer than the OJ jury, but Biden must be happy with 4.5 hours. Trump can’t Campaigning in the Bronx.

The jury will resume deliberations tomorrow at 9:30 AM, but they are just as confused as the rest of us. They asked Judge Marchan to reread the case, and he finally told the jury the crime. Are you ready?

Former President Donald Trump headlines the Republican National Committee’s spring donor retreat on May 4, 2024 in Palm Beach, Florida. (Donald Trump 2024 Election Campaign)

There are three. Federal election violations, creating a false record, and tax violations, which I knew about the false record charges. I didn’t know it was a crime to claim attorney’s fees as attorney’s fees. Tax violations. This is the first time I’ve heard about taxes and old campaign finance violations.

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