Jesse Watters reacts to President Biden’s trip to the southern border

On the same day, Fox News host Jesse Watters shared his thoughts on President Biden and former President Trump’s visit to the southern border.jesse watters prime time. ” Jesse Waters: Fox News Warning:: It’s a border showdown. Trump and Biden both attacked Texas today, but where they went and what they did were very different. […]

Jesse Watters: The left is protecting migrant reputation over American lives

FOX News host Jesse Watters responded to the outrage over immigration crimes after the murder of Laken Riley.jesse watters prime time. ” Jesse Waters: there is Immigrant crimes continue to kill Americans, and the president is an accessory to murder. Just this week, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador was arrested on suspicion of murdering […]

Watters: Every time the White House lets Biden out for recess, his numbers drop

FOX News host Jesse Watters claims President Biden is a “kid” who lies and sleeps. [and] “Don’t Ask Me” from “Jesse Watters Prime Time.” Jesse Waters: Seth Meyers takes his grandfather out for ice cream to make him feel better after forgetting his lines. please. Good job, Joe. Want a sugar cone? Do you know […]

Jesse Watters responds to the killing of Laken Riley

FOX News host Jesse Watters responded to the murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley with “.jesse watters prime time. ” Jesse Waters: Innocent Americans are dying because politicians lack common sense, the radical left lies, blames you, and writes about jogging. This time in Virginia, another Venezuelan immigrant was arrested for sexually assaulting a […]

Jesse Watters: Gavin Newsom went undercover as president

FOX News host Jesse Watters reacted to Gov. Gavin Newsom seemingly feeling at home in the White House.jesse watters prime time. ” Jesse Waters: A few weeks ago, “Prime Time” gavin newsome advice. Disguise yourself and go undercover to roam the state. See how policy plays out, like in an episode of “Undercover Boss.” And […]


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