Jill Biden Agrees Trump ‘Can’t Put a Sentence Together’

First lady Jill Biden said Wednesday on ABC’s “The View” that co-host Joy Behar was correct in claiming that former President Donald Trump couldn’t even form a sentence.

Co-host Joy Behar said, “You know, one of the things that annoys me about him is his age. It really annoys me because I’m the same age as your husband. I hate to say it, but I want you all to know what 81 is. But I’ve met him a few times, and he seems right where he is.”

She added: “What do we do to tell people that this guy is competent, he’s alert, he’s doing his job, it’s not about age. The other guy is staggering around, he can’t remember anything, he can’t form sentences, he’s losing his mind in the middle of trying to gain power and he takes aim at Joe.”

“This election isn’t about age. Donald Trump is 78 years old and Joe is 81. They’re essentially the same age,” Biden said.

She added: “I think it’s worth having a debate because the American people need to know their choice. They need to know the difference between Trump and the president. And they need to know my husband. They’re going to know how smart he is, what experience he has. And they’re going to know someone who, as you say, in Joy’s words, can’t even form a sentence.”

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