CA university president put on leave for acquiescing to anti-Israel protesters

Fox News Poll: 59% Oppose College Campus Protests Foreign Desk Editor-in-Chief Lisa Daftari and Bulletproof Israel’s Remi Franklin join “Fox News at Night” to discuss police arrests of anti-Israel protesters at the University of California, Irvine . The president of Sonoma State University has been placed on administrative leave for agreeing to comply with the […]

‘Suborning Perjury’: Fox Legal Analyst Suggests Alvin Bragg May Have Put Michael Cohen On Stand To Lie To Jurors

Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett on Thursday morning accused Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg of inferior perjury, citing testimony from Michael Cohen’s former lawyer. Former federal prosecutor Bob Costello testified at the hearing. hearing During a meeting of the House Judiciary Committee’s Special Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government, he outlined statements made […]

MTG Put America First by Seeking to Oust Speaker Johnson

Last Wednesday, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (also known as MTG) brought a vote to the House floor to remove Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana). Although the vote failed, the motion needed the support of nearly the entire Democratic caucus to fail. And why did House Democrats help the Republican speaker? To answer that, just look […]

Olivia Munn put cancer treatment on hold to freeze embryos

Olivia Munn froze her eggs before starting “aggressive” breast cancer treatment and eventually had a hysterectomy. actress told Vogue magazine After her diagnosis, she and her boyfriend John Mulaney wanted to collect “a few more” to “make one embryo.” “John and I talked about it a lot. We don’t feel like we’re done growing our […]