Jillian Michaels upends Harrison Butker controversy with important question: ‘Somebody tell me what I’m missing’

Fitness influencer Jillian Michaels debunks the conscious argument that Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker should lose his job to a woman.

Last week, the Kansas City Star published an essay calling for The Chiefs fired their three-time Super Bowl-winning kicker and replaced him with a woman for committing the social crime of supporting Catholicism and traditionalism.

“This guy lives a little differently than you, has different opinions than you, and we want to ruin his life?”

“Harrison Butker is no Patrick Mahomes. He’s a special teams player, which makes him less of an influence on the team,” wrote The Star’s Peter Hamm. “They could trade him for a solid kicker or make a statement by signing a kicking girl.”

“This is not a joke. This is not unrealistic,” Hamm insisted.

But Michaels believes it to be true. completely unrealistic.

“There was a study published in Sports Med that assessed the likelihood of something like that actually happening, and football kickers were actually one of the sports that was studied,” Michaels told Fox this week. It was explained on the news. “And when it came to kicking a football, men had a 16 to 22 percent advantage over women.”

Blaze News was unable to locate the exact study Michaels cited. but, vast scientific evidence It shows that there are men There are more kickers with higher athletic ability than women. After all, no woman has ever made an NFL roster as a placekicker, and no woman has achieved success in football at the collegiate level. Even America’s best female soccer players I might lose to a teenage boy..

Science aside, Michaels pointed out the double standard of free speech that exists in American culture and asked an important question:

“As a person who is probably even more different than what Kicker said – I’m a businesswoman, I’m gay, I’m not religious – I just don’t understand what this guy is saying that everyone wants for him.” Head,” she said.

“Somebody please tell me what I’m missing? There are kids literally across the street on a college campus calling for the murder of all Jews, and we’re not using their First Amendment rights. ” she pointed out. “But this guy lives a little differently than you and has different opinions than you, and we want to ruin his life? What the hell?”

Despite cancel culture’s attempts to make Butker its next victim, Butker isn’t going anywhere.

That’s because, whether the stock culture likes it or not, the NFL is still a pure meritocracy, and that’s what Butker is. One of the best kickers of his generation. For him, that means job security.

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