‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ might be ending after ‘final contract’

The end may be near for Jimmy Kimmel and his eponymous late-night chat show.

of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The host, 56, hinted at the possibility of a finale in a new interview. Los Angeles Times, He said he may soon be leaving the ABC program.

of First appearance in talk series In January 2003, they welcomed George Clooney as their first ever guest.

Kimmel noted that the late-night talk show’s contract ends in just two years. Getty Images

“As surprised as I am that there are people in this position, it’s surprising to me that they even have a really good job,” the comedian joked to the publication.

“It’s hard to aspire to that when you’re actually doing it,” Kimmel added. “Wednesday night, I was so tired, I had to go through all my scripts, I had to revise and rewrite all my Oscar pitch ideas, and I literally just nodded off at the computer. I was there.”

He added: “I think this is my last contract.”

The funnyman will be hosting the 2024 Oscars ceremony on March 9th, marking his fourth time hosting the prestigious ceremony.

“That’s when I think, ‘I can’t wait until my contract is over,'” he continued. “But when you take summer vacation or go on strike, you start thinking, “Oh, I miss having fun.”

The Emmy Awards host still has more than two years left on his contract. “That sounds pretty good. That seems good enough,” he said.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” premiered on January 26, 2003. AP

But while Kimmel doesn’t know exactly what he’ll do after “Live!,” he’ll still find ways to keep his mind busy even when he’s off the airwaves.

“I have a lot of hobbies. I like to cook, I like to draw. I picture myself learning to sculpt,” Kimmel joked. “When I die, if I am lucky enough to die in my own bed and of my own volition, I will think, ‘Oh, I have never been able to accomplish this, and I will never be able to accomplish this. ‘Get there. I just know that about myself.’

“I love Participate in other people’s projects. I never had the urge to be the center of attention, and I still don’t. It’s not in my DNA. ”

The end may be near for Jimmy Kimmel and his eponymous late-night chat show. jimmy kimmel live

But stand-up comedy isn’t something that interests the Brooklyn native. “I feel uncomfortable with it,” he confessed. “I don’t like my birthday. I love being a team player.”

‘The Andy Milonakis Show’ producer previously spoke candidly about the legacy of the past 20 years Now on air.

in the profile of variety In the book, published last year, Kimmel admitted that he had “never seen the first episode” of his show, adding that 20 years “feel like it’s passed in the blink of an eye.”



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