Jimmy Kimmel says he gets ‘anxiety’ watching Biden use stairs: ‘Everyone hold your breath’

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Late night comic Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t help but take a jab at President Biden struggling to walk up and down stairs.

On ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday night, the host played footage of Biden exiting Air Force One and expressed the anxiety he felt watching the president descend the steps onto the tarmac.

“Meanwhile, President Biden landed in San Francisco last night and everyone was holding their breath,” Kimmel quipped.

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Comedian Jimmy Kimmel recently mocked President Biden’s troubles with the stairs of Air Force One. (1. Bloomberg / Contributor 2. Mindy Small / Correspondent)

The audience erupted in laughter as footage showed Biden slowly descending a short flight of stairs from the presidential plane.

Kimmel’s studio audience applauded as the second Biden established himself in the video. “That’s it,” Kimmel added, clutching her chest and looking at her with relief.

As he let out a huge sigh of relief, he continued. “Okay. Every time I see him go down the stairs, he gets the same anxiety I get when I see my child trying to catch a fly.”

He then began joking about Biden’s recent attempts to alleviate America’s student loan debt. “By the way, Biden just canceled another $1.2 billion in student loan debt,” he said, to even more applause.

He quipped: “That’s a huge number, especially for someone who went to university when tuition cost the equivalent of a bag of onions.”

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Biden boarding Air Force One

President Biden almost trips while climbing the stairs to Air Force One. (White House Press Corps)

Mr. Biden almost tripped twice on the stairs to Air Force One earlier this week, and it has become clear that he frequently has trouble on the stairs.

The president fell three times while climbing the stairs to a plane in 2021, and has fallen on other occasions.

Biden collapsed last year while attending the Air Force Academy’s 2023 graduation ceremony. In 2022, he fell while cycling, shocking onlookers. Rehoboth BeachDelaware.

Biden’s frequent falls have led the U.S. Secret Service and other officials to come up with creative ways to prevent them.

One solution that emerged last summer was to have Mr. Biden enter Air Force One via a short staircase, which is where his latest stumble occurred.


The Biden campaign has also reportedly begun operations.bubble wrap” was announced in November and is intended to protect the president from unpleasant travel and stumbles, whether on stage or aboard Air Force One.



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