JK Rowling buries trans activists with must-read takedown in defense of women: ‘You are not kind. You are not righteous.’

Author JK Rowling on Tuesday slammed activists who advocate putting “male sex offenders who identify as transgender” in prison alongside biological women, criticizing trans ideology. It was dismantled.

This week: “Harry Potter” author It was brought new attention to nearby issues in her heart: The dangers women face when authorities place biological men who identify as transgender in prisons reserved for biological women. Rowling believes these policies use women as “validation tools” and “emotional support props” for transgender offenders.

According to Rowling, trans activists oppose biological female prisoners because acknowledging that female prisoners should be protected from biological male predators would “collapse” their entire ideology. He says he hates her defense of him.

“Such activists acknowledge that men convicted of harming women and girls should not be imprisoned with people who have proven to be a danger to them. “They can’t, because if they did that, all their claims…were exposed as lies,” she said.

Their common arguments, Rowling explained, include defending sex offenders to reinforce trans ideology, claiming that trans women do not harm biological women, and This includes the argument that it is not dangerous to make all spaces separated by biological sex (such as bathrooms and locker rooms) unisex spaces.

“When a man admits that he is not a woman because he claims to be a woman, the entire system of gender identity ideology collapses,” Rowling said.

Worse, Rowling highlighted that these trans activists are more concerned with demonstrating virtue than actually protecting vulnerable people. she wrote:

I think this particular issue also provokes criticism because it threatens the self-image of activists. These people pretend to be so nice and virtuous that acknowledging the truth that they are indifferent to the violence and traumatization of vulnerable women makes them feel less confident about themselves. Your ideas will be threatened. Therefore, they double. They say the prisoners making the complaints have no fear of rape, voyeurism or violence.

In the end, Rowling offered no resistance.

“If you support putting violent, sexually predatory men in women’s prisons, you are intentionally forcing these women to live in fear and, in some cases, “Many of them end up enduring the abuse they would have endured before being incarcerated,” she said. .

“You’re not kind. You’re not justice,” Rowling said. “Women have a fundamental human right not to be subjected to cruel or unusual punishment.”

Rowling has long championed biological women against trans ideology, which she believes erodes women’s rights. Meanwhile, trans activists tried unsuccessfully to cancel her appearance.

Instead, transgender opponents have only emboldened Rowling to use her megaphone more—and put her money where her mouth is.

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