Joe Biden to Debate Donald Trump on CNN with Jake Tapper, Dana Bash

CNN is President Joe Biden’s preferred network to host at least one presidential debate, he said Wednesday.

According to Pac News, CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will host.

CNN, Biden’s preferred network, has struggled in ratings but is known for spreading misinformation, according to Breitbart News’ John Nolte’s list “This is CNN.”

  1. Russian collusion hoax
  2. Raise your hand and don’t shoot the hoax
  3. jussie smollett hoax
  4. Covington KKKids Hoax
  5. hoaxes from very good people
  6. 7 hour gap hoax
  7. Russian bounty hoax
  8. President Trump discards military misinformation
  9. Police officer killed during mostly peaceful hoax demonstration on January 6th
  10. Rittenhouse hoax
  11. Eating while telling black rumors
  12. Border Patrol Agent Whips Illegal Immigrant in Hoax
  13. NASCAR rope hoax
  14. Georgia Jim Crow 2.0 Hoax
  15. President Trump attacks Secret Service agent, seizes control of Beast hoax
  16. MAGA attacks Paul Pelosi’s hoax
  17. Coronavirus lab leak theory is a racist hoax
  18. Hunter Biden’s laptop is a Russian disinformation hoax
  19. Joe Biden will never ban gas stoves
  20. The overcounting of deaths from the new coronavirus is a conspiracy theory hoax
  21. Canadian Indigenous children mass grave hoax
  22. Trump killed all the fish hoaxes
  23. Hamas hospital hoax
  24. John Fetterman is a healthy hoax.
  25. If President Trump is re-elected, he will execute people’s lies.
  26. alpha bank hoax

The Biden campaign said the president will only debate Trump without a live audience in June and September.

“I received an invitation from and accepted it.” @CNN “For the June 27th debate,” Biden said. Posted At X. “Nice to meet you, Donald. Like you said, anytime, anywhere, anywhere.”

Trump accepted Biden’s invitation and urged the president to debate him sooner and more often.

President Trump said, “I’m ready…The dates they proposed are fine…Let’s see if Joe can get on the stand-up podium.” Said Fox News Digital. “The proposed June and early September dates are completely acceptable to me. I will provide my own transportation.”

Trump also said he would debate Biden on Fox News in October.

Wendell Husebo is a political reporter for Breitbart News and a former Republican war room analyst.he is the author of politics of slave morality.Follow Wendell “X” @WendellHusebø or society of truth @WendellHusebo.