Josh Hawley coolly handles raving Code Pink radicals and calls out their support for terrorism

Sen. Josh Hawley was mobbed this week by members of the left-wing group Code Pink. So-called feminists were clearly worried about the Missouri Republican Party’s continued support for Israel. Hawley responded with an unflinching condemnation of terrorism, not only infuriating extremists but also urging them to show their cards.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon at the Hart Senate Building. It’s the same building where a former staffer to Maryland Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin was filmed engaging in sodomy without legal repercussions.

A mob of Code Pink leftists protesting Israel’s war on Islamic terror camped out at the venue and yelled at various members of Congress heading to vote.
potential assistance In the case of Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. When it was Hawley’s turn in the hall, a woman wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh snapped her fingers in Hawley’s face and said, “Don’t give us the gist of her story.”

One video of the incident shows another protester trying to get the woman’s hand off the keffiyeh as she snaps at him. But she kept wagging her finger at Holly and said, “You’re unbelievable.”

Hawley responded: “The state of Israel has the right to defend itself.”

One Code Pink protester, ostensibly the group’s co-founder Medea Benjamin, exclaimed, “Same with Palestine!”

A woman wearing a Palestinian headscarf retorted that Israel’s self-defense is “not defense.”

“And we will not call for a ceasefire until Hamas is eliminated,” Hawley continued.

The senator’s mention of the terrorist organization made the woman in Keffiyeh tingle, and she rolled her eyes and crouched down as she said, “Hamas will never be eliminated.”

“Eliminated!” Hawley added.

As demonstrators enthusiastically yelled at Hawley, calling her “stupid,” Hawley told her, “You know what? I want. she is a terrorist ”

In another video of the exchange, Holly
hear “I wish you’d waved an Israeli flag,” he told the Code Pink protesters.

Code Pink has long campaigned against Israel and supported the so-called liberation of Palestine. So-called feminist groups seem to be trying to ignore this issue.
barbaric treatment Code Pink investigated the number of women, girls, and non-heterosexuals in Gaza and the West Bank, just as it covered up crimes against humanity by the communist regime in Beijing. stress “They are not our enemies.”

Code Pink has made clear its support for Palestinian violence against Israel, calling it “the Oct. 7 terrorist attack that killed thousands of Israelis and dozens of Americans and injured thousands more.” It’s called “Resistance.”

state Hamas’ terrorist attacks “must be understood in the context of resistance to the 75-year Israeli occupation, during which the Jewish state was violently established on stolen Palestinian land,” it said on its website.

According to Code Pink, “Israel cannot ‘defend’ itself.

The group’s website states, “Israel’s use of violence only enforces its repressive occupation.Palestinians who resist oppression, on the other hand, do not support Israel’s aggressive occupation since the illegal creation of Israel in 1948. “They are acting defensively because they have been the victim of a serious attack.”

In recent weeks, Code Pink has called on the Biden administration to restore funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.
clear signs Twelve UNWRA personnel took part in the October attack.

Apparently, Hawley wasn’t the only senator heckled by anti-terrorism opponents this week. They also include Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Ted Cruz (R-TX), John Fetterman (D-PA), and John Kennedy (R-Rabada). state), etc., were turned into mobs.

Cruz and Rubio responded particularly forcefully.

“Then why aren’t we bothered by Hamas terrorists? … If we kill Hamas, Israel will be safe,” Cruz said.

When Code Pink protesters confronted Mr. Rubio about the deaths of children in Gaza, the Florida senator said, “Hamas is responsible for killing all the children….Hamas kills children.” “Hamas is an evil organization. I want Israel to destroy Hamas. That’s what it is.” That’s what I want and I want to help Israel destroy Hamas. ”

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