Jury chooses not to indict teen charged with murdering Texas clerk over a bag of chips

On January 19, a pair of teenagers entered a Sunoco convenience store in Humble, Texas, shoplifted, and then left a 42-year-old clerk in his car, killing him.

The 18-year-old boy who killed Asif Makhnosia was not charged, but the apparent shooter, 17-year-old Mario Young, was charged with capital murder.

This week, a Harris County grand jury decided not to indict Mr. Young on murder charges, absolving him of any consequences.

The shooter’s mother has portrayed her son as a victim, and Young’s attorney Lott Brooks reiterated that the boy acted in self-defense.
report KTRK-TV

Surveillance camera footage shows Young and an 18-year-old friend entering the convenience store with black hoodies pulled over their heads around 11:25 a.m. Maknosia followed them, wearing an orange and black jacket.

As the clerk resumed mopping the floor, he noticed one of the teens stuffing a bag of chips into his pants.

Maknosia followed the teens outside and confronted them.

Said According to KPRC-TV, a store employee was seen following a young man out of the store.

“I was a bit of a nosy guy and was just watching to see what was going on. He seemed to be having a conflict with some gentlemen about something,” said the anonymous witness. “It didn’t seem that serious.”

While Young was walking towards the back of the store, the other boy reportedly stopped and brandished a Gatorade bottle and pointed it at the clerk.

According to witnesses, the clerk returned to the store and the men, believed to be shoplifters, walked to a nearby grassy area. Maknosia reportedly went back outside and yelled at the teens to go back into the store. They responded with obscene gestures.

As the teens began jogging, the clerk got into his car and approached them, at which point witnesses said they heard two gunshots.

according to According to the Humble Police Department, one of the suspects opened fire on the victim’s car, striking and killing the store clerk.

Humble Assistant Police Chief Dan Zientek
Said “They started firing at him and in doing so he tried to reverse his car and ended up on the opposite median,” KPRC said.

Witnesses ran over and found Makhnojia slumped behind the wheel of the car.

“Hey, buddy. Hey, are you okay?” the witness remembers telling the victim before calling 911. “I looked through the window and he appeared to be unresponsive,” the clerk said, adding that he did not appear to have a weapon.

The teens later claimed the clerk was armed, but neither court documents nor police showed any evidence that the clerk had a gun at the time.

After a short manhunt, Young and his compatriots turned themselves in with the help of Quanell X, former national president of the new Black Panther nation.

Said KPRC: “Nobody expects you to just go to work that day and not come home.”

“We lost a great citizen who was just trying to work and do his job. Instead, we have two people who ruined their lives by going to prison,” Zientek added.

Apparently, the chief had not considered the possibility that a jury would release Young.

shown Part of Brooks’ strategy to get his client’s case thrown out was to have him give a sob story to the jury.

“I wanted him to sit before the grand jury and be honest and tell us exactly what happened,” Brooks said.

Mr Brooks added: “It’s absolutely tragic and I know my client is very upset about what happened.” Mr Brooks added that Mr Young had no idea where he had obtained the firearm used to kill McNosia. He said he didn’t know if he had done it.

Young’s mother, Precious Ferguson, told KTRK that her son is “physically and mentally depressed and stressed and will need counseling.”

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