Justin Fields addresses Caleb Williams rumors, reveals why he unfollowed Bears

It’s one of the toughest parts of the NFL draft season. No, it’s not “QB Hand His Size Day” or “Wonder Rick Score” Day or even “S2 Test Results Day.”

No, we’ve reached the “this player unfollowed the team on social media” part of NFL Draft season.

Who is the player in question? chicago bears Quarterback Justin Fields. Curious people noted earlier this week that the young QB unfollowed the Bears on Instagram, leading to speculation that he already knew of Chicago’s plans for the upcoming draft. The Bears have two top-10 picks, including the No. 1 overall pick, and many believe Chicago will draft a quarterback with that pick, likely USC passer Caleb Williams. I believe that.

Mr. Fields mentioned this move in an episode of “.st brown brothers” from the podcast 33rd team. What is the reason for unfollowing?


I’m going on vacation now,” Fields said. “I don’t want to watch soccer.”

Fields detailed what will happen in the future over the course of the episode. He said he hopes to stay in Chicago, “I love this city,” the QB said, but acknowledged the NFL is a “business.”

He also addressed speculation regarding a transfer to. atlanta falconsThis will be a homecoming for Fields, who was born in Georgia and began his college career before transferring to Georgia State. Ohio. “Atlanta is going to be tough,” Fields said. “The only downside to going home is people banging on my cell phone like crazy… but I think they had a lot of playmakers on their team.”

The main message from Fields? He just wants it all to be over.

“But the most important thing with everything that’s going on is I just want this to be over. Just let me know if I get traded,” Fields said. “Please let me know if you want to stay the night.”

Fields may not have to wait long. With the NFL Scouting Combine scheduled to begin next week, a solution to this problem could be found sooner rather than later.



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